Company Stages

TechCXO helps tech companies at every stage of their growth, development and transition, including:

• Concept, Early-Stage tech companies from $0 to $10 million-plus
• Mid-Stage tech companies in the $20 million – $100 million range
• Late-Stage to Mature tech companies with $100 million-plus annual revenue

For our Concept and Early-Stage clients, we turn on these companies with:

    • Strategy, Planning, Go-to-Market Messaging;
    • Sales, Marketing and Financial Models;
    • Enter new markets, launch new products and lines of business
    • Access to Seed, Early VC, Series A and private equity capital;
    • and we create Internal Controls, Accounting Processes and Financial Systems.

For Early-Stage, Mid-Stage and Late-Stage/Mature companies, we turn up their operations by:

  • Accelerating Revenue, Leads, and Conversion;
  • Facilitate market entry;
  • Access to venture and private capital;
  • Make acquisitions, and
  • Tight financial management so clients are hyper competitive, commercially-scalable, viable entities.

For companies in need of new life, restructuring, transforming and turnaround, we:

  • Improved overall operations, messaging, processes and systems
  • Improve operating margins and cash positions
  • Improve pipeline health through effective pricing, messaging, marketing, sales and measurement strategies and practices.