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The Power of Compound Decision Making

CEOs of private, mostly venture-backed growth companies know all too well the burden of high expectations, both in the milestones and scale they are trying to achieve. Attached i...

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alliances ramp

Drive Partnerships Up the Ramp

Drive Alliance Partnerships Up the Ramp The required steps to build strong, enduring alliances Alliance success starts with wins. Any partnership must start with an initial joi...

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What Got Your Business Here Won’t Get You There – Part 2

Last time we explored how companies at different stages have differing needs. As a reminder, here are some sample challenges across several functions: [table id=10 /] It’...

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What Got Your Business Here Won’t Get You There – Part 1

Recently I’ve had some very interesting conversations about business growth and transformation. In my own personal transformation as a business leader I leveraged the standard ...

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Generalists in a Specialized World

Who provides competitive advantage to companies? Generalists? Specialists? Both? Neither? I’m always on the hunt for a good new business book, and I’m currently reading “R...

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4 Ps Ripe for Fractional Engagments

4 "Ps" Ripe for Fractional Engagements TechCXO specializes in providing fractional executives for a variety of positions. Our on-demand executive model is typically 50-75% more ...

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Why Intentional Processes Drive More Revenue

Why Intentional Processes Drive More Revenue When many people think of process, they think of something mandatory. Usually something unpleasant. The idea of the “process polic...

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Customer Success and Intentional Revenue

Customer Success and The Case for Intentional Revenue™ In my career, I’ve worked with and consulted many technology firms from small to large on customer renewal issues. Mos...

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Customer Outreach

Customer Outreach Have you reached out to a customer lately? I began interviewing a client's customers yesterday for a fractional CMO engagement. What a reminder of how valuable...

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Why is Bob Myers Crying over Kevin Durant?

The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions after defeating the Golden State Warriors. But the enduring image of the basketball playoffs may not have taken place on the court or in the...

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How to Get the Best Offshore Results

In his 2005 Book, The World Is Flat, Thomas Friedman sums it up pretty well. “There is just a job, and in more cases than ever before it will go to the best, smartest, most pr...

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Board Financials

What to include (and leave out) in Board financials Many a post has been written about rules of thumb for holding effective Board meetings.  People should be present, meaning a...

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It's time we move beyond the Active vs. Passive Investing debate and bifurcated strategy labeling The clarity once gained from what has become a messy strategy split has degrade...

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