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How to Get the Best Offshore Results

In his 2005 Book, The World Is Flat, Thomas Friedman sums it up pretty well. “There is just a job, and in more cases than ever before it will go to the best, smartest, most pr...

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Managing Cash Optimizing Profits eBook by TechCXO

Managing Cash and Optimizing Profits Guide

Authored by TechCXO Finance & Operations Partner Neal Miller, follow these straightforward guidelines to understand the math behind growth and how you can build capabilitie...

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ProRata Client Case Study

TechCXO fractional CFOs and supporting accounting and finance functions teams provide a tremendous value to many technology startups and early-stage companies like ProRata. It's ...

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Leveraging the experience of TechCXO's CFOs provides a tremendous value to many technology startups and early-stage companies. It's no secret that a big part of our value proposi...

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Secretariat Client Case Study

One of the byproducts of fully outsourcing finance and accounting functions to TechCXO is greater credibility for your business in how your report results to Boards, potential in...

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