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The Power of Compound Decision Making

CEOs of private, mostly venture-backed growth companies know all too well the burden of high expectations, both in the milestones and scale they are trying to achieve. Attached i...

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Manufacturing Initiatives eBook

Manufacturers: Win share in a downturn Now is the time for US manufacturers to make changes to improve their manufacturing businesses before any downturn. Authored by manufactur...

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Go to Market Playbook for IT and Professional Services Providers Over 70% of buyers intend to increase their spend on external professional services. They seek to either to augm...

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Outsourced CFO

Outsourced CFO Guide

Companies have increasingly delayed hiring a full-time CFO until they faced a significant financial triggering event. However, with rapidly changing business models and dynamics,...

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Raising Capital eBook

Raising Capital Guide

Accessing capital from third parties can be mysterious to many technology companies. Our goal is to remove the mystery with a step-by-step guide to raising money for your bus...

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eBook Capital Intensive Startups

Managing Capital Intensive Startups Guide

Managing a capital-intensive startup is tricky. Authored by TechCXO's Managing Partner - Boston Chris Thomajan, follow these straightforward guidelines to principles, perspec...

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Incentive Stock Options eBook

Incentive Stock Options Guide

There remains a high expectation on the part of your best employees that they will one day share in the runaway success of your firm through stock options. Your chances for attra...

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Board Management eBook

Board Management Guide

Managing a board of directors can be a huge challenge even for experienced entrepreneurs. What do they expect for an agenda? Who should participate? The preparation that is requi...

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best audit

Best Audit Ever Guide for Startups

Audits may not be sexy but a smooth annual audit shows your board, lenders and auditors that you have your financial processes and systems in place, which builds confidence.Prese...

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value prop

Defining Your Value Propositon

Entrepreneurs and startups can stall if they cannot effectively articulate a compelling value proposition. Fortunately, we are happy to offer you a guide, presented by TechCXO's ...

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on-demand executive eBook TechCXO

On Demand Executive Guide

Accessing talent no longer means having to “own” talent via your own dedicated workforce. Forward-looking entrepreneurs, owners, investors and executives realize an on-dem...

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