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The Power of Compound Decision Making

CEOs of private, mostly venture-backed growth companies know all too well the burden of high expectations, both in the milestones and scale they are trying to achieve. Attached i...

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Season’s Greetings from TechCXO New York

 Seasons Greetings from TechCXO NY, and an update from the team: Ted Stone, Ron Giaquinto, Adam Bryan, Jim Cornehlsen, Pamela Dunaway, Bob Morrison, Tom Morton, Bob Young, ...

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TechCXO 15-Year Client Appreciation Event

We celebrated our 15th year in business with some of our clients, partners and friends at Sweetwater Brewery.  It was a great time to show our appreciation. ...

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Do we need outside sales reps?

Industry statistics say outside sales reps hit their quotas fewer than 50% of the time. That, plus the increase in the use of solution architects who ask good questions coupled w...

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jake massey

Jake Massey – Why Choose TechCXO?

One look at Jake and you know he's cool, but Jake Massey is also an incredibly successful interim and on-demand CTO/CIO who is helping to optimize IT infrastructures for startup ...

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Peter Biro

Peter Biro – Why choose TechCXO?

Why would an accomplished entrepreneur, CFO, Stanford MBA with an engineering degree from Duke choose the TechCXO on-demand executive model for his career? We asked him (Peter Bi...

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Social Enterprises

Paul Sansone, TechCXO partner and former CFO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Better World Books, is an expert in social enterprises and B Corps. Paul also serves as a ...

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Client Spotlight – Emrgy Transforming Hydropower

Incredibly exciting to see how TechCXO client Emrgy is using proprietary hydropower technology to tap into slow or shallow waterways and turn them into sources of electrical powe...

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