TechCXO now offers EOS

A process for leaders get a grip on their businesses to accelerate results and optimize for growth by solving people, process, profit issues.

We work with leadership teams to strengthen what EOS calls the 6 key components of any business: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, Traction. We utilize the simple proven tools of EOS, implemented in over 7,000 businesses.

EOS is about execution to help leaders 'optimize for growth'. We see 4 common barriers:


Wrong people in the wrong seat or dysfunction without role clarity and accountability


Issues including: cash crunch, margin squeeze, market shifts.


Time wasted in issue discussion, change in the market, company dynamics between silos


Discipline, repeatable, effective process vs. putting out fires

What’s Included in the EOS Operating System Implemented by TechCXO?

3, 1-Day Off Site Meetings – James Cornehlsen, a Professional EOS Implementer facilitates meetings with leadership teams meetings with senior leadership teams so they can articulate a shared vision and build organizational process, accountability, and productivity to achieve their goals. We expertly work through key questions like: “What are our core values?…  What is our core focus?… What is our 10-year target?… What is our marketing strategy? … What is the 1-Year Plan and 3-Year Picture?… What are our quarterly priorities?… What are the tough issues?”

Organization, Process, Priorities – We leverage the Entrepreneurial Operating System EOS tools to help you focus on role clarity, priorities, accountability to scale, and cohesive leadership to speed decision making.

Tools, Check-Ups, Check-Ins – We employ the best EOS tools to keep your accountability and momentum moving forward  including dashboards and scorecards, people organizers, organizational check-ups, quarterly pulsing, 90-day priorities and annual sessions.

GET STARTED at no cost or obligation: 15 minute CEO discovery briefing;

90 minute interactive workshop with the leadership team on the EOS key business ingredients and process; an on-line 20 question organization check

The TechCXO Operating System Team

Jim Cornehlsen


Neal Miller

Managing Partner - Finance & Operations