Our Manifesto

Work with people you like. Share experience. Offer real solutions.
Stay until the job is done.

Finance & Operations

Build a rock solid financial and operational platform from which to grow with best practices, system and controls.
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What We Offer

Budgeting, Planning, Modeling

Create detailed financial and business models, capital requirements, people needs and performance metrics to meet your goals and objectives.

Organization & Infrastructure

Your TechCXO partner and/or team helps establish Best Practices, Policies, Plans, Tools and Protocols.

Human Capital, Scalability, Controls, Efficiency

Operationalize your growth strategy by plugging in the right people, upgrading systems, securing growth equity and implementing enhanced internal and management controls.

Transaction Support

We have worked with hundreds of venture/PE backed companies through the full transaction lifecycle, including M&A readiness, execution and integration.



Hepled secure more than $4B in debt and equity financing for clients


Advised clients on more than 200 transactions, including due diligence preparation, M&A and financing alternatives.

Top 25

TechCXO is a Top 25 Most Active service provider for VC-Backed tech companies, according to Pitchbook.

Sales & Marketing

Accelerate growth, increase profits, delight customers
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What We Offer


Develop a winning Go-to-Market Strategy and business plan to ensure accelerated growth and long-term viability.

Customer Experience Design and Execution at Scale

Drive growth by delighting customers at every step of the journey from awareness to evaluation, growth to renewal.

Analytics & Insight

Deeply know your customer; maximize sales and marketing performance. Optimize sales and marketing technology (SMARTTECH) stack and focus metrics that matter.

Technology, Enablement and Organizational Design

Build a high performing, customer-focused organization. Accelerate increased efficiency, accuracy and revenue predictability. Align compensation with business strategy.



Assisted organizations and more than 3,000 sales leaders and professionals


Generated exponential revenue increases of more than $2B through direct counsel, interim executive


Increased revenue performance from customers through increased forecast accuracy, sales efficiency and higher competitive win ratios

Product & Technology

Veteran CTO & CIO executives who solve any tech-related challenge
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What We Offer

Due Diligence

Assess investment viability of technology, software, products and platforms.

Assessment & Turnaround

Ensure secure, smooth functioning IT infrastructure as fractional CTO or mentor-coach. Turnaround product development and quality issues.

Product Strategy & Execution

Align technology team with overall business strategy & product road map. Create successful product strategy and execution plans.



Multiple deals worth billions assessed


Thousands of quality issues resolved


Hundreds of successful products launched