In pursuit of something entirely unrelated in my basement, I stumbled across a page with my favorite technology marketing quote.  Early in my career (before I became a fractional and part-time CMO), leaving marketing at P&G and moving into technology businesses was a shift away from customer-centricity.  As I was championing the value and importance of being customer-centric at b2b technology firms, I shared this quote while coaching and onboarding marketers into my organization.

The Myopic Trap

“Technology marketers seem fascinated by their own products.  At best, this results in an evangelical zeal that can transform markets.  More often, it results in a myopic preoccupation with the trivial and arcane.  Customers are fed product specifications and features instead of useful explanations on how the product might fit into their lives.”

What do you think?  Is this quote still relevant?  Do too many tech firms delay in zeroing in on customer motivations?