Haven is an independent organization founded by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to create better health outcomes, greater patient satisfaction and lower costs for its U.S.-based employees and families. Haven CEO Atul Gawande, MD, MPH, said in a March 2019 announcement, “We want to change the way people experience health care so that it is simpler, better and lower cost. We’ll start small, learn from the experience of patients, and continue to expand to meet their needs.”


At the start of this new venture, the leadership team was focused on the organizational strategy and operations. Haven needed support establishing infrastructure and finance and accounting systems, such as payroll, HR, recruiting, insurance, benefits, IT, and security. The new organization also wanted to be positioned to scale quickly. It was focused on recruiting a range of talented individuals, including software engineers, data scientists, and clinicians to join its team.


The multi-functional TechCXO team working with Haven during its early stages included a Head of Finance, who was charged with establishing finance, accounting and payroll functions, as well as weekly reporting to the leadership team. This included assistance from an acting controller, an HR specialist, and an expert to help set up a CRM to manage the high volume of inbound inquiries. For Information Technology needs, the TechCXO team included a Head of IT who was responsible for getting a secure technology infrastructure into place and onboarding new staff. Those efforts were supported by a TechCXO security expert and a technical project manager.


The TechCXO team established critical processes and systems in place to support Haven’s initial work. Haven is poised to proceed with its planned expansion.

““The TechCXO team provided valuable support to our organization it is nascent stages. They knew what type of infrastructure, systems and processes we needed as a startup, and also the insight and experience to meet our plans to scale quickly. They have been integral to our successful start.”