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The fact that you want to learn more about joining TechCXO says something specific and important about you.  Harvard Business Review points out that today the best executive jobs are no longer full-time gigs.

An Elite Career

Successful TechCXO partners enjoy a special brand of independent executive life — an elite career.  The autonomy and flexibility that come with being part of TechCXO is unique in consulting. We are independent executives who simultaneously leverage our colleagues’ insight and expertise… all to the benefit of our clients.

The freedom to tackle challenging assignments that exercise your talents is combined with comprehensive staff, sales and support systems as well as a collegial, collaborative collection of your peers. We find that our partners find the work they do on behalf of clients is personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding.

The New American Dream?

Professional control of where, when, why, how and with whom one works has been dubbed the “New American Dream” by The Harris Poll survey TechCXO partners are living that dream every day with an added benefit of having like-minded, incredibly capable peers around them, as well as an comprehensive team and infrastructure supporting them.

The marketplace for high-end independent talent is changing quickly, and we are one of the pioneers on how to best present your talent. TechCXO is not a franchise; it is partnership, and as a TechCXO partner, you are an owner, not an employee.  That is, you are your own business but without the worries about overhead, real estate, payroll, etc. Whether you have served enterprises as a CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CRO, CMO, CSO or CHRO, your career with TechCXO is one of an entrepreneur with lots of support.

Next Steps

The TechCXO model is not for everyone. But for those who value this kind of approach, they say it is the only path for them. We invite you to learn more about who we are; why we’re different; our history; and how we support you. To do that, download a copy of our guide, The Independent Executive: A Prospective Partner’s Guide to TechCXO® which provides details on joining TechCXO.   You can also download The On-Demand Executive: The Future of Work.  You might also enjoy watching the video interview with one of our partners, Peter Biro.

Finally, if you’d like to get started with the process of joining TechCXO, please fill out the below form. You’ll see a list of positions we’re currently seeking. Our recruiting manager will be in touch with you.

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