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Peter Richichi TechCXO

Peter Richichi

Partner - Executive Operations; Interim & Fractional CEO, COO



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Peter Richichi

Partner - Executive Operations; Interim & Fractional CEO, COO

Peter Richichi is a TechCXO Partner and a senior leadership executive with 30-plus years experience as a successful founder of multiple businesses.  He helps companies get established, raise capital, grow, scale, and achieve operational success by serving as an interim and fractional  CEOCOO, and/or advisor.

Peter has deep domain expertise in B2B SaaS and in the consumer electronics industry.


As founder of an HRTech B2B SaaS company (Sprockets, Inc.), Peter designed, developed, and launched an app that uses natural language processing and other technologies to match job applicants to positions. He Implemented financial reporting and control processes, created and implemented “brute force” sales process (SDR & AE), expanded sales strategy to include enterprise sales, and created and implemented onboarding and customer success processes. Key results included managing a fundraising process, negotiated term sheets, and closed over $15MM in venture capital. In addition, the firm onboarded more than 5,000 customers and achieved world-class demand generation, win-rate, LTV/CAC, and growth results. As a founder himself, Peter understands firsthand the challenges early-stage companies face. Along with a proven track record of operational success. Pete also has a wide network of investors and advisors to help you achieve your objectives in the shortest amount of time possible.

His process includes:

Consumer Electronics Industry

Peter co-owned a technology products and consumer electronics distribution company (WYNIT Distribution LLC) that grew from a small printer reseller in New York City to an international company with over $1.2 billion in revenue.  The business managed over a million square feet of automated distribution facility, over 100,000 skus, 300 vendor relationships, and over 3,000 customers.

Strategic and operational implementation included:

  • Supply chain management from point of manufacture, to retail or direct to consumer, and reverse logistics
  • Serviced North America’s largest retailers, e-commerce customers, as well as value added resellers primarily in the large format printing, security, and access control markets
  • Successful implementation of SAP and warehouse & transportation management systems
  • Two strategic acquisitions and integrations
  • Establishment of a $250,000,000 working capital line with a syndicated bank group.

Peter’s company’s partners included Wal*Mart, Best Buy, Apple, Target, Amazon, Staples, and Costco, as well as world-class manufacturers such as HP, Epson, Canon, Fitbit, Kodak, SanDisk/WD, Garmin, TomTom, and DJI.


In his spare time, Pete enjoys spending time with his wife of 37 years and visiting his grandchildren.  He also studies ancient literature and philosophy and collects antiquarian books from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

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