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Sales Planning

TechCXO works with you sales leaders to develop sales plans – strategic, territory and key account plans

The most competitive companies develop a clear sales strategy and update it regularly against changing market conditions. This overarching strategic plan sets the goals and forms the basis for territory and key account sales plans. Taken together, these plans define the company’s sales goals and how the company will achieve its goals.

TechCXO leads its clients’ sales teams to develop comprehensive sales plans.

What to Expect


Territory design can increase revenue from 2% up to 7% – Harvard Biz Review
Only 6% of chief sales officers are confident they will hit their numbers
Enterprises will miss the equivalent of up to 10% of annual sales lost opportunities because of poor planning (Gartner)

Client Results

Mastering the Annual Planning Process

Revenue Teams Need a Clear Roadmap for the Coming Year

Our Team

Andy Shober
Andy ShoberPartner
Bert Harkins
Bert HarkinsPartner; Interim / Fractional CSO, CRO
Brad Milner
Brad MilnerManaging Partner
David Cahn
David CahnPartner; Interim & Fractional CMO
Ken Powell
Ken PowellPartner; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO
Jeff Lundal
Jeff LundalPartner; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO, CCO
Rich Makover
Rich MakoverPartner; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO
Rick Nichols
Rick NicholsManaging Partner, Revenue Growth
Matt Oess
Matt OessPartner

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