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The Power of Compound Decision Making

CEOs of private, mostly venture-backed growth companies know all too well the burden of high expectations, both in the milestones and scale they are trying to achieve. Attached i...

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It's time we move beyond the Active vs. Passive Investing debate and bifurcated strategy labeling The clarity once gained from what has become a messy strategy split has degrade...

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Fundraising: A Primer for the CEO

For non-finance professionals, much of what a CFO does is a mystery and more than a little daunting.  Cash flow statements, 409a valuations, tax, audit, treasury, stock options,...

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Secretariat Client Case Study

One of the byproducts of fully outsourcing finance and accounting functions to TechCXO is greater credibility for your business in how your report results to Boards, potential in...

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Leveraging the experience of TechCXO's CFOs provides a tremendous value to many technology startups and early-stage companies. It's no secret that a big part of our value proposi...

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ProRata Client Case Study

TechCXO fractional CFOs and supporting accounting and finance functions teams provide a tremendous value to many technology startups and early-stage companies like ProRata. It's ...

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Before the (Banker) Bake-Off, Cultivate a Great Chef or Two

They were immortalized in literature by Tom Wolfe as “Masters of the Universe” in Bonfire of the Vanities. Michael Lewis described them as “…a breed apart, a member of...

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Raising Capital eBook

Raising Capital Guide

Accessing capital from third parties can be mysterious to many technology companies. Our goal is to remove the mystery with a step-by-step guide to raising money for your bus...

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Negotiating price M&A

Negotiating Price

When it comes to negotiating a price in mergers and acquisitions, there are, of course, two very different perspectives: those of the buyers and those of the sellers. The buye...

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eBook Capital Intensive Startups

Managing Capital Intensive Startups Guide

Managing a capital-intensive startup is tricky. Authored by TechCXO's Managing Partner - Boston Chris Thomajan, follow these straightforward guidelines to principles, perspec...

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Managing Cash Optimizing Profits eBook by TechCXO

Managing Cash and Optimizing Profits Guide

Authored by TechCXO Finance & Operations Partner Neal Miller, follow these straightforward guidelines to understand the math behind growth and how you can build capabilitie...

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List Partners

List Partners – Winmo Client Case Study

TechCXO fractional CFOs provide a tremendous value to many technology startups and early-stage companies. It's no secret that a big part of our value proposition is providing top...

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Catabasis Client Case Study

Catabasis is a pharmaceutical and drug discovery platform.  It had initially funded the company through a round of convertible debt but needed a financing plan, an infrastructur...

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