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It's time we move beyond the Active vs. Passive Investing debate and bifurcated strategy labeling The clarity once gained from what has become a messy strategy split has degrade...

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Accelerating Pipeline Velocity

Your Sales Funnel Feels the Need for Speed Maneuvering a high performance fighter jet requires finesse at both high and low speeds. While stalls and uncontrolled flight situatio...

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Favorite Marketing Quote

In pursuit of something entirely unrelated in my basement, I stumbled across a page with my favorite technology marketing quote.  Early in my career (before I became a fractio...

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What’s in a name? It depends what you put into it

We all understand the risk of Bill Lemon opening up a used car dealership under his name or Messrs. Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe launching their own law firm. Given the power in a na...

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AI Briefer for Marketers

Like my peers, as a longtime CMO, I’ve learned to deal with rapid technology change.  But, each new technology can create fear, uncertainty and doubt until we understand it be...

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fractional cmo

Is it time for a Fractional CMO? 5 Scenarios

There is a consistent thread on where the need arises for a fractional CMO. Interestingly, this is consistent whether the company is 2 or 15 years old, whether it’s B2B or B2C,...

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recruiting trends

Top 10 Trends in Recruiting for Tech Sales and Marketing

Julie Johnson Carlock, one of the country's top recruiters for sales and marketing professionals and executives in the tech space, has compiled a list of her 10 Trends in Recruit...

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AI for Marketers – 3 Critical Questions

[caption id="attachment_656" align="alignright" width="200"] Jeffrey Whitney is a TechCXO Partner in Boston. He is a thought leader on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on m...

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Simple Go to Market Plan

We humans are remarkable for our ability to undertake and accomplish incredibly complex tasks. We build and maintain structures in space, create new technologies, and solve compl...

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value prop

Defining Your Value Propositon

Entrepreneurs and startups can stall if they cannot effectively articulate a compelling value proposition. Fortunately, we are happy to offer you a guide, presented by TechCXO's ...

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zverse case study

Zverse Client Case Study

Zverse 3D printing gives businesses the ability to offer professional 3D modeling & high-quality 3D print services.  They engaged TechCXO to provide interim CSO services to ...

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How Personalized Marketing Can Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

Point, click, buy? If only it were that easy. In his book Successful Advertising, penned in 1885, Thomas Smith famously said that a prospect has to see an ad 20 times before ...

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Mapping Your Customer’s Journey: A MarTech Adventure

How do your customers find you? And once they find you, what do they want? Knowing the answers to these questions gives you extremely powerful insights into understanding how ...

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