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The Power of Compound Decision Making

CEOs of private, mostly venture-backed growth companies know all too well the burden of high expectations, both in the milestones and scale they are trying to achieve. Attached i...

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Why Intentional Processes Drive More Revenue

Why Intentional Processes Drive More Revenue When many people think of process, they think of something mandatory. Usually something unpleasant. The idea of the “process polic...

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B2B Account Based Marketing

B2B Account Based Marketing: It's what's on your plate The smart money knows that at your B2B SaaS, Data or FinTech business, Personalized or Account Based Marketing (ABM) is on...

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Mapping Your Customer’s Journey: A MarTech Adventure

How do your customers find you? And once they find you, what do they want? Knowing the answers to these questions gives you extremely powerful insights into understanding how ...

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How Personalized Marketing Can Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

Point, click, buy? If only it were that easy. In his book Successful Advertising, penned in 1885, Thomas Smith famously said that a prospect has to see an ad 20 times before ...

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CSMs vs. Sales – The Same Only Different

CSMs and Sales Reps Share More Similarities Than You Think When you are with a group of CSMs, the word “Sales” often incites contorted facial expressions, bad jokes and inev...

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Does Your Sales Funnel Need an Anti-Inflammatory?

Like many B2B companies positioning and selling complex solutions in a challenging marketplace... your sales funnel is likely swollen with invalid leads and prospects, creating n...

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Competing Against Status Quo: Basic Strategies to Address Inertia in the Buying Process

Many sales organizations today find that status quo bias is their biggest competitor. While a bit of creativity and empathy on the part of your sales teams can help improve you...

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need outside reps

Do we even need outside sales reps today?

Outside account executives are an expensive proposition whose statistical effectiveness is falling. Many CEOs and CFOs I speak with are frustrated with the results, and they re...

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Do we need outside sales reps?

Industry statistics say outside sales reps hit their quotas fewer than 50% of the time. That, plus the increase in the use of solution architects who ask good questions coupled w...

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zverse case study

Zverse Client Case Study

Zverse 3D printing gives businesses the ability to offer professional 3D modeling & high-quality 3D print services.  They engaged TechCXO to provide interim CSO services to ...

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Larson Juhl Client Case Study

Larson Juhl's sales organization was misaligned with its customer base. There was little to no distinction between customer segments and the level of support and attention custo...

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Simple Go to Market Plan

We humans are remarkable for our ability to undertake and accomplish incredibly complex tasks. We build and maintain structures in space, create new technologies, and solve compl...

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