Bob Young


Bob Young is a accomplished executive and consultant in business transformation, risk management, finance and trading technology to financial institutions and energy firms.

Among his many career accomplishments, Bob led the nationally-renowned enterprise risk management services practice for RW Beck, the leader in providing risk management services to the public utility sector including municipally owned utilities, and energy cooperatives. He also served as a senior member of Towers Perrin’s renowned Enterprise Risk Management practice and held various senior positions with J.P. Morgan and consulting firms including McKinsey, Deloitte, and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Bob is an experienced client relationship manager with extensive business development and sales skills, broad understanding of the financial and energy industries and markets, has strong problem solving and solutions skills and deep experience in IT project management and architecture.

He is also TechCXO’s resident subject matter expert and frequent author/speaker on Risk Management and applying risk management principles to strategic, capital investment and operational management decisions, and performance improvement topics.

Additionally, Bob is the the Co-founder and CEO Marie Ashton-Young Erturun Foundation whose mission is to help teens and young adults suffering with eating disorders and other addictive behaviors.

Bob received his BS from Cornell University and his MBA from New York University.

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