Chris Pariseau


Chris brings more than 30 years of experience in technology sales and market development to the TechCXO team. Chris’ technology career began in commercial banking, participating in the bank’s conversion to an online financial system and where he ultimately founded the federally mandated EDP Auditor position. Chris moved to Burroughs Corporate (UNISYS), where he held several positions in Financial Products Sales Management and Corporate Product Management responsible for financial terminal products US market strategy and new product development.

Chris joined CMI Corporation in 1980 as an Account Executive responsible for the management of equipment lease financing portfolios for Fortune 500 clients including PNC Financial Corp, Textron, Mellon Bank, and Blue Cross of Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. AT&T Capital Corporation acquired CMI Corp in 1989 and Chris moved into the role of Regional Vice President responsible for the Northeast sales team managing over $100 million in Fortune 500 portfolio assets.

Chris joined Arthur Andersen in 1993 representing the Audit, Tax and Business Consulting practices and was ultimately responsible for internal development of SOAR, the Firm’s global sales, integrated client planning process and eBusiness market strategy. This firm-wide initiative accelerated revenue with participating client teams by 22% over the previous years’ performance.

After Andersen, Chris was responsible for leading a buyout of the eastern practices of Stonebridge Technologies providing Oracle ERP and database services to Atlanta clients, including: Chick-Fil-A, RMC Industries, Cotton States Insurance, The Coca-Cola Company, SilverPOP, and the Center for Disease Control. Chris intimately understands what is required to develop and execute a sales strategy to drive top-line revenue growth.



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