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Jack Liles has a both diverse and successful background with over 20 years in sales and marketing leadership roles. He has earned a strong reputation as an insightful business leader who identifies problems to root cause, confronts obstacles and implements sound and sustainable solutions that accelerate growth.

Jack began his business career at Leo Burnett, the Chicago global advertising agency that created the Marlboro Man, Tony the Tiger and other iconic brand advertising for McDonald’s, United Airlines and Proctor & Gamble. Jack’s first assignment was managing the $25 million Luvs Diapers account, where he became known as the most diaper-savvy, childless single man on planet Earth. His success leading and managing clients at Burnett highlighted his talents in brand management, buyer/consumer insight development, market segmentation, brand positioning and differentiation.

Jack left Leo Burnett for national accounts sales and marketing management roles at both The Coca-Cola Company and UPS in Atlanta, where his strategic selling, account management and sales management skills led to significant sales and volume growth for his teams at both Fortune 100 giants.

Jack moved from Atlanta to join an engineering consulting firm in Charleston, SC, and led a significant turnaround and sales reorganization that created a 100% revenue build in just 2 years. Prior to joining TechCXO, Jack was the Director of U.S. Sales at BravoSolution, an Italian based SaaS provider in the highly competitive global procurement and sourcing marketplace.

Jack earned a B.S. in Business from The Citadel, and a post-graduate commission in the U.S. Navy. He is a recovering F-14 Tomcat RIO, and logged over 2000 flight hours, 340 arrested landings and numerous combat missions over Iraq and Bosnia.

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