Jake Massey is an Interim or fractional CIO / CISO / CTO / COO; Compliance Services and Audits

Jake Massey is an IT executive who helps lead organizations in aligning their overall IT objectives. Jake has led and managed teams of application developers, database developers, QA engineers, implementation specialists, and production support personnel across multiple continents with offshore facilities in Bangalore, Bangkok, Shanghai, Geneva, Paris, and Tel Aviv. He has also managed customer service organizations to support both internal and external customers to ensure optimum issue resolution and turnaround time on all issues that came into various call centers and network operation centers.

As a CTO he has run every facet of IT organizations and specializes in high volume enterprise and SaaS application development and planning. He has designed and developed systems to support 1+ million online users, and built systems that process over 27,000 DML transactions per second with a total hardware cost not exceeding $18,000.00 US using traditional relational database platforms.

He has also designed and developed systems that support over 95,000 DML operations per second (~250,000 insert only operations per second) using NoSQL platforms within the same budget constraints. His NoSQL platform experience includes CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra and a working knowledge of HBase and InfoGrid.