Jim Cornehlsen is a Partner, Executive Coach / Advisor and Lead EOS Implementor

As a lifelong entrepreneur and business builder, Jim leverages his experience as a CEO, COO, CRO, Board Member and Advisor/Executive Coach. He brings hands-on experience building sustainable growth and positive learning cultures.

Executive Coach / Advisor

Jim is a certified executive coach (Lore Institute, Goldmith A4SL, NYU) who works one on one with CEOs. He has a specific emphasis on those preparing for the next level, female owner founders and VC/PE CEOs. He starts where each individual is to build practical, proactive paths to success and helps them focus their entrepreneurial energy. For leaders and their teams who are open, honest and wanting to be their best, Jim fosters leadership dynamics that improve decision making, communication, and a cohesive team culture.

Jim is TechCXO’s lead EOS Implementor. Download this one-page overview of EOS Services.

Simplifying, Clarifying and Achieving Results

As a professional implementer for the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Jim helps owner founders, leaders, Board, and investors get a grip on their business with a holistic proven approach to master simple, practical tools with immediate impact: helping successful businesses get even better; going from “stuck to unstoppable”; solving people, process, profit issues. Over 10,000 early stage growth and mid market companies are leveraging EOS to accelerate results. Most leadership teams operate at about the 20-30% level succeeding despite themselves. Jim facilitates an EOS journey to get them to the 80% level.

Hands On Leadership Partner

Jim focuses on enterprise positioning, alliances, and operations to build or turn around the entire business. Often issues relate to customer pipeline or product planning and pricing. These require new customer insights and new market entry or growth plans. His operations breadth allows him to work on role clarity and accountability as well as CEO issues to move to the next level.

As CEO of Las Americas, he turned around a business that had hit a ceiling, had people issues, huge revenue swings due to lack of process,
and silo decision making. The result was a successful sale at 3x revenue. Jim then built a $5mm practice with a global professional services business as a Managing Partner and Director.

Earlier as an intrapreneur, Jim served as COO to build subsidiary businesses in Mexico, Spain and Canada. This involved building
production, distribution, and management teams. With deep experience in content, software, information services and tech
enabled solutions, Jim served as COO to lead joint venture efforts to build General Learning Corporation (GE-Time Inc); Prodigy (CBS-IBM); CNR (Citi-NYNEX-RCA)
He later took on fractional leadership roles as COO working with CEOs on M&A integration: Yahoo (Broadview); VNU (Nielsen Media); Thompson Corporation (DBM).

Board Experience

Jim serves on the Advisory Board of 5 early stage companies. He assists CEOs in building Boards and moderates discussion on Board best
practice. He has had significant Board exposure in professional service organizations:
– Software Information Industry Association SIIA
– HR People and Strategy-SHRM Exec Network NYHRPS
– Magazine Publishers Association MPA
– Corporate & Professional Recruiters IACPR
– University Glee Club UGCofNYC


Jim focuses on team clarity, culture and collaboration. His piercing questions cause reflection and help with course correction. As they say, “the soft stuff is hard to do”. Jim adds inspiration to new insights as we confront issues head on.
Chris Kelly, CEO, Convene

Change in our market is constant so Jim’s guidance in managing risk and new personal responsibilities, keep us on track. Our core focus was threatened by new technology so the ability to pivot using EOS tools contributed to maintaining our leadership position.
David Adler, CEO, Bizbash

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