John Murray

Partner, Fractional Chief Product Officer

+1 770 335 3367

Since joining TechCXO in 2015, I have been applying my experience of launching and scaling technology products to other entrepreneurial technology companies. I enjoy helping companies accelerate their product innovation by solving product pain-points related to poor product-market-fit, cumbersome value-propositions and ineffective scalable solutions. Whether focused on internal processes that kill innovation, or on solving the actual bottle necks that prevent products from launching and scaling, I am passionate about growing products and businesses.

I had my first break-through, global product launch At Scientific Atlanta. I had the privilege to lead the team from concept through launch. My first experience at launching a software and hardware platform came at Cisco where I led the product & marketing team in launching Cisco’s licensed hot-spot solution (Femtocell/Picocell). In 24 months the platform gained #1 market share with 500k Access Points actively deployed. The platform received multiple industry awards for both its design and plug-and-play ability. I was recruited to Verizon to lead the Corporate Product Team of the newly acquired Telematics division. There, I re-launched the product team to target both enterprise customers & subscribers with Web & Mobile Applications.

From my 25 years of leadership experience launching global platforms that have achieved significant commercial success, I have the tools to help early-stage to mid-market technology companies, navigate the people, product and process issues encountered as you launch and scale product solutions. I am drawn to work on the hardest problems and this is why it is so rewarding when you are able to discover the right techniques to launch that break-through product.



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