Mike Buczkowski


Mike Buczkowski is a digital marketing leader and executive who has been helping global brand marketers navigate the new digital world by successfully operating at the intersection of marketing, data and technology. As a leader, Mike has deep experience in creating and motivating high performing teams with Fortune 100 corporations, top agencies and as an entrepreneur. Mike’s marketing expertise is very unique because he blends classical brand building with digital marketing to maximize results by fusing data, technology and content, delivering personalized user experiences. The result has been sales growth of 20%+ and ROI of more than 3x. He has maximized brand relevance for leading brand marketers including Visa, Coca-Cola, M&M Mars, P&G, MillerCoors, Capital One, US Bank and UCLA. Plus, Mike founded and sold two digital marketing agencies.

Mike builds these successful digital marketing solutions from the ground up, including the right strategic brand framework, infrastructure, requisite ecosystems and modular business requirements to scale and meet future demands. As a growth-focused, senior executive passionate about leading teams and expanding core competencies, Mike creates a work environment that leverages individual and collective talents to rapidly accelarate profitable sales and maximize enterprise value. Among his career highlights are the following:


Business Planning | Strategic Marketing | Branding | Digital/Social/Content Marketing | New Product Introduction | Data Modeling | MarTech Architecture | Loyalty | Personalized User Experiences | Analytics & Measurement | Innovation | Executive Leadership Mentoring


  • Reversed double-digit decline for a $100 million e-commerce organization by creating a MarTech stack that delivered personalized user experiences.
  • Created Visa’s #1 global digital marketing initiative for banks and merchants. The initiative delivered results 3x better than other options.
  • Created and led the rollout of McDonald’s three-tier menu board system resulting in Store Operating Income growth of 10%.
  • Launched Capital One’s mobile app and created the digital marketing support. The launch exceeded forecasted annual downloads in 10 days.
  • Founder of a digital start-up that grew to an Ad Age Top 100 agency. Accounted for the largest incremental annual revenue growth at two agencies.
  • Created new products at Coca-Cola for McDonald’s and 7-Eleven. Led the Sundance beverage brand to more sales than its key competitor within 18 months of launch.
  • Fixed P&G Pampers loyalty program’s $45 million problem and led the initiative to become the brand’s #1 retention program.

In short, Mike’s unique blended marketing skills in branding, data and technology make him the type of executive companies are in urgent need to lead them in the digital world. The digital revolution is moving fast and spurring massive disruption and transformations. Companies are finding it difficult to recruit, attract and retain strong digital marketing executive leaders because the pool of qualified candidates is small and the demand is high and growing. Mike is available to leverage his distinctive competencies and extensive experience as an interim, part-time and fractional CMO to immediately drive results for clients.

Mike received his BBA in Marketing from the University of Toledo.

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