Neal Miller

Partner, Executive Committee Member

(678) 636-0007

Neal Miller brings over 25 years of financial, operations, sales and marketing executive management experience to TechCXO, having served in senior management positions in private and public companies ranging from $2 million to $2 billion in revenues. Neal has significant experience in software, telecommunications and subscriber-based services.

Prior to joining TechCXO, Neal has served as CFO at publicly held companies, including: American Software Inc., Syntellect Inc. and Cypress Communications Inc., and in a senior financial management position with Tandem Computers. His early-stage experience includes venture-backed CES International where he prepared the company for an IPO and raised nearly $20 million in venture capital, and Agentis Software, where he was a founder and served as a director, and CFO.

At TechCXO, Neal has worked with a variety of successful emerging companies, including: Cloud Sherpas (acquired by Accenture), Lanyon (acquired by Vista Equity), Ryla Teleservices (acquired by Alorica), Clearleap (acquired by IBM) BoomTown and Yik Yak. Neal’s spans of responsibility as a CFO have included all financial, administrative, legal, human resources, IT and internal systems development functions. He has extensive experience directing the implementation of back office solutions, both packaged- and custom-developed solutions. In addition to his financial expertise, Neal also served as division president of Syntellect Interactive Services. The $10 million revenue hosted IVR services division of Syntellect Inc., where he was responsible for sales, marketing, product development and customer care and as an Account Executive, selling enterprise software solutions at American Software.

Neal began his career as a CPA with then Big 8 firm KPMG after obtaining his BBA from Georgia State University.


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