Richard Fuller is a Partner

Richard Fuller is a TechCXO Strategy, Sales & Customer Success Partner based in Florida. He is focused on his clients’ success by building modern teams that deliver realized value. Modern teams are agile, envied, they have purpose, accountability, they’re User-Centered (Buyer & Customer), and continuously improving. And, they’re inspired, inspiring, happy, loyal and achieving their goals. Among positions Richard has held, include: CSO & VP Customer Success, KiteDesk, Inc.; VP of WW Sales, VersionOne, Inc; VP of Inside Sales, CA Technologies; CTO & SVP, TenFold Communications, Inc. Others include Regional Manager at ParcPlace, Group Director & Sales at Oracle, and Software Developer at MSA.

Some of the areas that Richard delivers with his clients are:
• Strategy & Alignment: Segmentation, specialization, structure, account based (when & why), go-to-market, channels
• Team: Aligned, passionate, accountable, collaborative, hiring, on-boarding, continuous improvement, contribution & advancement, feedback
• High Performing: Credible, confident, consultative, buyer-to-customer journey, messaging, sell to a fit (no refunds), adaptive lightweight process, teach-to-learn, Won/Not-won retrospectives, BHT sessions
• Compensation: During and after on-boarding, SaaS, multi-year, on premise, basis (individual, team, combo), X-centives
• Team Leaders: Meeting rhythm (less is more), coaching & mentoring, pipeline management and forecasting, dashboards that help
• Operations (Less is More): Trending & predictive reporting and analytics, technology stack evaluation, adoption, clean up, the power of -2 +1, sales funnel
• Transitional: Interim Leadership, Legacy (perpetual, onsite) to SaaS, total contract value to recurring models

Among his many accomplishments are the following:
• Grew SaaS licensing revenues to 90% of new business; 66% of new business with multi-year commitments. Designed and introduced two-phase conversion plan to transition away from perpetual licensing and total contract value reporting. Collaborated with finance to transform reporting for compensation to annual contact value. Improved company’s valuation to close $20M Series B investment.
• Increased SMB win rate 25% in first year of formation and raised enterprise win rates for new business from 34% to 48%. Created modern SDR, Inside, Outside and Customer Success teams, enabling them to focus on specific processes and opportunities.
• Doubled enterprise average sales price for new business. Grew first year spend 60% and strategic renewals to 96%. Developed process using event-based structure with go/no-go decision points. Structured renewal program to incorporate top renewals as an upsell event. Developed innovative multi-year pricing program with larger minimum starting point and tiers for growth.
• Posted 97% sales participation in employee surveys with 95% employee satisfaction ratings for the teams. Designed and rolled out contribution and advancement program that included multiple advancement levels for each position based on experience, tenure and attainment. Introduced monthly sales meetups to discuss topics submitted and voted on by the teams. Created quarterly forum for all company managers and executives to hear directly from the frontline.

Richard is a graduate of Auburn University and holds a BS/BA with concentrations in Computer Science & Marketing.