Rob Johnson

Partner; Communications, Media and Brand Consultant, Trainer & Advisor

(773) 230-0008

Rob Johnson served as Primary Anchor at the CBS affiliate in Chicago for 13 years, leading the station newscasts, breaking news coverage, and special events, and assisting the top executives on decisions related to strategy, marketing, and branding.

Now Rob is bringing a trustworthy, credible, and high integrity brand of more than 25 years in TV journalism and charitable board experience to advise senior executives and key decision makers, providing broad and intuitive perspective to manage complex public relations issues, business transitions, crises, and image building.

Rob collaboratively works with leadership teams to deliver strategic, clear internal and external company communications.

As a news anchor, Rob reported on political, community, and national issues and interests making the latest news relevant and accessible to a viewership. He has a passion for producing stories that pique audience interest and drive conversation while maintaining a level of truth and professionalism within the marketplace.

Rob has is applying his television experience and strong expertise in material and content development, international and domestic media relations, and brand development and communication to assist clients with:

✔ CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS/MEDIA TRAINING: Streamlines complex, multi-faceted corporate stories into comprehensible reports including litigations, M&A, public relations, and human resource missteps.

✔ PUBLIC RELATIONS: Develops, strategizes, and executes company-wide communications for relevant investor communities, the media, government officials, associates and partners, and other industry and social communities.

✔ CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Disseminates and interprets fast-paced developments within minutes of significant events, ensuring information is up-to-date, facts-based, coherent and consistent with branding and communication strategies.

✔ CORPORATE & COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Leads public affairs functions regarding community relations, corporate social responsibility and giving, and holds private charity and non-profit Board roles.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies from DePauw University. Hear more from Rob on Twitter @robjohnsonnews and Instagram, robj47 

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