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Paul King




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  • Atlanta

Paul King


Paul King is an experienced technology and software development professional. He has worked for numerous companies – public, private, large corporations, small businesses and startups. Positions held include Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President of Development & Operations, Vice President of Products & Engineering, Director of Strategic Development, as well as numerous others.
His areas of expertise include Software Product Development, Development Team Assessment and Refinement, Mobile and Web Software Development, Agile Development Processes, Software Architecture, and Cloud Deployment. He has expertise in FinTech, Healthcare, e-Commerce, MarTech, and Enterprise Applications. Paul has a thorough understanding of secure software development in PCI and HIPPA compliant environments.

Paul has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Alabama, School of Engineering. He has direct experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, ReactNative, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java, C#, Swift, C/C++, GraphQL, and REST APIs, among others.

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