CFO Services Case Study

Consortium Network



Consortium Networks, a cybersecurity leader and trusted Cyber Concierge, revolutionizes the field by connecting and educating the community. Their significant growth and innovation attract strategic investors.



Consortium Networks, a trusted Cyber Concierge, helps clients tackle complex cybersecurity issues. Founded to revolutionize the field, Consortium connects and educates the community on cybersecurity risks, technology, and networking. Their innovative approach positioned them for significant growth and new opportunities.

Consortium Networks is a cybersecurity risk, technology, and networking organization on a joint mission to connect and educate the community.


Consortium Networks aimed to prepare its financial data to be market-ready and attractive to potential buyers. The owners sought to enhance their strategic and financial operations bandwidth to ensure a smooth M&A process. Specific goals included:

  • Transitioning to GAAP accounting standards
  • Performing a Quality of Earnings analysis
  • Developing new financial models and reporting standards
  • Increasing the robustness of their financial operations
  • Ensuring readiness for a competitive M&A process

Achieving these goals would position Consortium Networks for a successful transition to private equity ownership and sustained growth.


TechCXO provided comprehensive CFO services to Consortium Networks, ensuring a seamless and highly competitive M&A process. Services included Quality of Earnings & Transaction Support, GAAP conversion & audit support, and the implementation of Strategic Finance Best Practices. TechCXO’s support encompassed KPI development, financial modeling, building a Year 1 budget, and crafting a 5-year strategic plan, all while facilitating a smooth CEO transition.

Emmitt Ferri
Emmitt FerriFractional CFO
Emmitt Ferri served as Consortium Networks Fractional CFO.


Firmament, a provider of structured equity capital solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises and an established investor in the supply chain sector, acquired Consortium Networks. TechCXO’s strategic and operational support enabled Consortium Networks to develop robust finance and accounting systems, processes, and infrastructure. Their M&A Transaction Support ensured that the sale price accurately reflected Consortium Networks’ true value.

Emmett and the team at TechCXO turned out to be one of the most important decisions we made in maximizing the value of our company for the sales process. Emmett took the time to really understand the business and accounting. He was able to provide current management, along with prospective buyers, the full financial picture of our business that went above and beyond our ERP data. I would recommend Emmett to any company looking to better understand their financials both historically and forecasted. Emmett was a pleasure to work with and I would never sell another one of my companies without his vast expertise in my corner.”