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Sales Coaching

Effective sales coaching and mentoring is one of the most potent tools available for improving performance, maximizing productivity, and achieving revenue growth

Often, companies promote or hire an individual who has the promise to become an outstanding sales leader, however, they have not yet fully developed those skills.

As an executive coach and mentor, we work with your executive to develop the skills they need for success, including people management, internal and external communications, employee development, sales management, cross-functional management, partnering with peers, and sales process and planning.

What to Expect


Percentage of executive coaches hired to develop high potential executives or facilitate transitions (HBR)
Median company return on executive coaching
Percentage of coaching clients satisfied with the overall coaching experience

Client Results

Sales Compensation Guidesales-compensation

Stocked full of expert advice for motivating and inspiring salespeople to perform their best, including chapters on base pay, variable compensation, draws, terms and conditions. It also includes a special bonus with real-life examples of conducting negotiations with prospective customers and internal negotiations with sales leaders and their companies.

Our Team

Andy Shober
Andy ShoberPartner
Bert Harkins
Bert HarkinsPartner; Interim / Fractional CSO, CRO
David Cahn
David CahnPartner; Interim & Fractional CMO
Jeff Lundal
Jeff LundalPartner; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO, CCO
Rich Makover
Rich MakoverPartner; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO
Rick Nichols
Rick NicholsManaging Partner, Revenue Growth
Matt Oess
Matt OessPartner
Ken Powell
Ken PowellPartner; Interim / Fractional CRO, CSO

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