Larson Juhl


Transform Sales and Marketing to meet strategic objectives.


The company’s sales organization was misaligned with its customer base.

There was little to no distinction between customer segments and the level of support and attention customers received from the sales organization.

As a result, many opportunities were missed


TechCXO completely reconfigured the sales organization, including the creation of an inside sales team.

A TechCXO executive also served as interim CMO and led the redesign of the company’s retail website while mentoring an internal replacement.


The sales organization was completely reconfigured to meet customer needs, including the creation of a new inside sales team. The new alignment supports the launch of three new business lines, reversing a steep negative revenue trend.

“TechCXO transformed our sales organization and made us current. In addition to the marketing firepower, the creation of an inside sales team enabled us to better and more profitably serve our customers and enter new markets.”

Drew Van PeltCEO

Larson Juhl