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Profitability Improvement

Business management and profitability improvement skills and experience range from:

  • Evaluating performance trends
  • Comparisons with budgets, targets, and competition;
  • Detailed analysis of product line profitability as well as key service offerings;
  • Evaluation of customer by customer contributions;
  • Evaluation of supply chain effectiveness;
  • Detailed analysis sales generation and sales pipeline management;
  • Analyze pricing strategy and effectiveness;
  • Asset utilization and inventory management efficiency;
  • Evaluation of overhead structure and effectiveness;
  • Performance against investment thesis analysis;
  • Detailed financial modeling;
  • restructuring underperforming businesses.

All, or key areas of the preceding categories, are then prioritized into a comprehensive execution plan.

TechCXO is a team of highly successful C-Suite partners that bring on-demand capabilities to our clients. We bring highly experienced executives with deep experience in all areas of performance management and profitability improvement.

TechCXO has flexible approaches to joining your organization ranging from performing the analysis and evaluation, working with the executive team providing performance coaching, we can also join your executive team as partners in executing the various improvement plans. TechCXO will also blend in with your executive team, board of directors, and financial sponsors depending on the needs of the client and situation.

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