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Architecture & DevOps

Harness the power of experienced Architects and DevOps Engineers to ensure your software infrastructure is not only robust but also primed for the future.

Why Leverage Fractional Expertise for Your Architecture and DevOps Needs?

Building a robust and scalable Architecture and implementing high-performing DevOps practices are critical in today’s technology landscape. However, these areas often require deep expertise, resources, and bandwidth that may be limited for growing companies. Our expert team elevates your Architecture and DevOps to new heights, ensuring your infrastructure is scalable, efficient, and aligned with the latest technological advancements.

What to Expect from TechCXO Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Experience the transformative impact of working with our fractional Architecture and DevOps experts. Here’s a glimpse of the benefits:


Speed to Market

With a streamlined Architecture and DevOps process, launch your products faster and more efficiently, securing a competitive edge in the marketplace.


A robust software infrastructure means higher reliability and fewer outages, leading to improved customer trust and satisfaction.

Innovation at Scale

Our approach not only enhances current operations but also empowers your team to innovate, creating opportunities for breakthroughs and market leadership.

Optimized Cost

Our fractional model delivers top-tier expertise at a fraction of the cost, reducing overhead while maximizing the impact of your investment in technology infrastructure.

Our Team

Greg Smith
Greg SmithManaging Partner, Product & Technology
Bryan Dennstedt
Bryan DennstedtPartner - Interim & Fractional CIO
Brian Lora
Brian LoraPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CIO
Dan Brown
Dan BrownPartner - Interim & Fractional CIO, CTO
Eric Faulkner
Eric FaulknerPartner - Interim & Fractional CIO, CTO
Jeff Browning
Jeff BrowningPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CPTO
Kevin Carlson
Kevin CarlsonPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CISO
Ram Sarabu
Ram SarabuPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CISO
Todd Merrill
Todd MerrillPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CISO

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