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Rapid growth through knowledge, competence and processes

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Scaling is not the same as growing. Growth means General & Administrative expenses. Scaling is growth without the bulk.

Scaling without Expense

The right finance, operations, marketing and sales, technology/product and customer success capabilities are typically a combination of good general management skills and knowledge which is specific to a certain business, product or industry.

This dynamic of adding quality managerial skills and leadership enables mentoring, coaching, strategic thinking and diverse skills that can help build scale without commensurate G&A costs.

Access without Infrastructure

Expenses and infrastructure can pile up quickly when you attempt to access capital, find new customers and create delivery ecosystems.  TechCXO’s ability to quickly align strategy, plans, and KPIs helps gain traction, accelerate revenue, and scale via product & market expansion.

Our extensive network of high-quality, low-cost service providers and connections in local markets circumvents lengthy and expensive attempts to grow.

Time to Value

There is no learning curve when you work with an on-demand executive from TechCXO.  Our partners are “athletic” because they move easily from the conceptual and strategic to nuts-and-bolts implementation. Often, our partners will implement strategies and programs themselves or with a very small and efficient team.

We operate like entrepreneurs: fast and lean. We quickly help clients do any/all of these three things:

Turn On

  • Set foundation for success
  • Build best practices and lean infrastructure
  • Access capital, customers, ecosystems

Turn Up

  • Align strategy, plans, KPIs.
  • Gain traction via accelerated revenue
  • Increase product & market expansion.

Turn Around

  • Refocus and renew as needed
  • Sales & margins
  • Org & leadership health
  • Planning, product milestones
  • Ops efficiency
  • Financial options.

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