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Product & Services Delivery

You can make the best product in the world, but if you don’t have a strategy for getting it to your customers and supporting them, you’ll end up with a fully stocked warehouse, undelivered software, underutilized team members and insufficient revenue. Product and Services delivery strategy should be thoughtfully focused on the customer experience and value proposition of the company and flawlessly executed to be a key component of your company’s overall mission.

Inventory and Delivery Strategy

There is a fine line between too much inventory and not enough inventory. If you have too much, you may end up with product that you can’t sell taking up precious storage space. If you have too little, you run the risk of not being able to deliver what customers need when they need it. A product delivery strategy should include an answer to the question of whether your business would rather err on the side of keeping your warehouse amply stocked or on the side of running inventory low before replenishing.

A lean inventory strategy relies on low levels of back stock and nimble systems for replenishing if these levels become too low.

A robust inventory strategy relies on keeping plenty of product on hand to fill orders.

SaaS Delivery Model

Software as a Service and Technology Enabled Services delivery models support a customer’s needs with lower acquisition costs than traditional software products. Successful SaaS and TES companies have built the security, scalability, and monitoring tools to complement their applications. Key subject matter experts guide clients through the onboarding and configuration of the new software and enable support through omni-channel access and are expert at relationship management and proactive engagement.

Customer Success and Support

Customer success and support need to be part of any delivery strategy. When you are working to get your products into customers’ hands, customer success and support is critical to making sure that your clients get what they need when they need it.

Your product and service delivery processes and systems need to be a well-oiled machine that ensures you to get the information you require about customers’ needs in a timely fashion and that your teams operate in a very efficient and effective manner to assure high customer retention and renewal rates.

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