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Scale a Business

Scaling a business is often used synonymously with growing a business. The premise is that to grow or scale, you add more people, resources, capacity, and expenses to support increased revenue and customer growth.

TechCXO’s Human Capital professionals believe scaling is growth…but without big expenses.

Scale vs. Grow

The idea of scaling versus growing is that you create revenue growth while adding resources — or general and administrative expenses — at a considerably lower rate. G&A expenses are typically rent, salaries, benefits, office supplies, etc.

Scaling a business is not focused on adding people with aggressive recruiting efforts or securing new office space but on building processes, systems, culture, infrastructure, and processes to support growth without adding costs.

Within Human Capital, the foundation for scaling a business can be set through Building Competence, Culture, Processes, Infrastructure and leveraging low-cost models, such as advisory services, interim positions, part-time or fractional support and outsourced functions.

What to Expect from TechCXO


Nearly two-thirds of companies fail with in 10 years of launch, primarily because they can’t scale
Eight in 10 strategic initiatives fail primarily due to execution challenges of an organization that can’t scale
Strategic alignment, operating model blueprints, governance and process flows can exponentially improve success rates

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Our Team

Maria Goldsholl
Maria GoldshollManaging Partner - Human Capital; Executive Committee Member
Catherine Malloy Cummings
Catherine Malloy CummingsPartner - Human Capital
Kerri Anthony
Kerri AnthonyPartner - Human Capital
Alex Wilharm
Alex WilharmDirector - Human Capital
Rebecca Dobson
Rebecca DobsonDirector - Human Capital
Meredith Ball
Meredith BallDirector - Human Capital
Joe Wickman
Joe WickmanCompensation Expert - Human Capital
Cindy Santander
Cindy SantanderRecruiter - Human Capital
 Jenn Levine
Jenn LevineRecruiter - Human Capital
Anna Beck
Anna BeckRecruiter - Human Capital
Lindsey Harris
Lindsey HarrisRecruiter - Human Capital
Allison Henderson
Allison HendersonRecruiter - Human Capital
Taylor Fulton
Taylor FultonRecruiter - Human Capital
Allison Ryan
Allison RyanRecruiter - Human Capital

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