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Disruption Response – Short and Mid-Term

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TechCXO Disruption Response Resources Management teams don't need to "lock up", no matter the severity of business disruption or the ensuing uncertainty. You can focus your teams around short-, mid- [...]

What Got Your Business Here Won’t Get You There – Part 2

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Last time we explored how companies at different stages have differing needs. As a reminder, here are some sample challenges across several functions: It’s relatively simple to know [...]

What Got Your Business Here Won’t Get You There – Part 1

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Recently I’ve had some very interesting conversations about business growth and transformation. In my own personal transformation as a business leader I leveraged the standard on the subject by Marshall [...]

Before Mounting the Synergy Unicorn: New Skills for Merged Management Teams

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Companies seek to accelerate revenue growth or enter new markets through mergers and acquisitions. A great deal of excitement and justification surrounds the projected synergies and combined financial models. Synergy: [...]

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