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Fractional CISO

TechCXO’s Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) team provides protection and incident prevention that is critical across all levels of an organization

A Fractional CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) provides protection and incident prevention and is critical across all levels of an organization.

Fractional CISO requirements must be championed and communicated throughout the entire organization. That job is very rarely a full-time role until an organization is much more mature and falls to a Fractional Chief Information Security Officer or CISO.

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What to Expect


Reduce your IT security budgets, and insurance premiums by 20%+ and mitigate potential litigation and customer defection
Improve detection by 25% and fix vulnerabilities, including broken authentication and session management, buffer overflows, data exposure, Injection vulnerabilities, and security misconfigurations with the team behind a Fractional CISO
Guard 5k+ known exploits such as back doors, botnets, DoS/DDoS, malware, and ransomware
Improvement in thwarting actors and tactics such as cyber terrorism, data exfiltration, Insider threat, organized crime, social engineering, and proliferation of IoT

Client Results

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CISO-as-a-Service GuideCISO Brochure Preview

Most organizations find it difficult to justify the investment in a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), but their business requires a high level of security to maintain operations. TechCXO provides a fractional, CISO-As-A-Service model that is affordable and integrated into your operations. Includes 5 Key Security Areas CISO-As-A-Service covers.

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Our Team

Greg Smith
Greg SmithManaging Partner, Product & Technology
Kevin Carlson
Kevin CarlsonPartner - Product & Technology; Fractional CTO / Fractional CISO
Kirby Winters
Kirby WintersFractional CiSO / Interim CTO / Fractional CIO
Ram Sarabu
Ram SarabuPartner - Product & Technology; Interim & Fractional CTO, CISO
Todd Merrill
Todd MerrillPartner - Product & Technology; Interim / Fractional CTO, CISO

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