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Sell-Side Tech Assessment

Expert, thorough, and practical Technical Diligence covering Product, Architecture, Deployment, IT, Process, Team, and Security – Delivered quickly and at a reasonable cost

What is a Sell-Side Tech Assessment?

Sell-Side Tech Assessment is very similar in scope to Buy-Side Technical Diligence – it is just performed proactively on behalf of the seller.  This technical assessment is an effective way to ensure that the company is ready for the technical diligence process that will come as part of the transaction.  Understanding the areas you need to improve is an invaluable tool that allows you to, ideally, identify and remediate any issues ahead of a transaction but minimally to have a clear plan in place for remediation.  If the acquirer/investor sees that you are aware of the problem and have a plan in place to fix it, that is far better than them uncovering issues that you were not aware of.

TechCXO Tech Diligence Service Packages

TechCXO provides specialized Tech Assessment services to ensure that companies are thoroughly prepared for any potential sale, investment, or growth opportunities. This assessment is focused on allowing sellers to proactively identify and address any technology and security risks within their business. By conducting a comprehensive evaluation, the seller can develop a clear remediation plan for any issues uncovered, thereby being better prepared for a potential transaction or future growth. The assessment is beneficial not only in the context of a transaction but also as a standalone process for companies seeking to confirm the robustness of their technology and security posture so they are prepared for upcoming growth and scale.

The Tech Assessment can include various components adapted to the company’s specific needs and the context in which it operates. TechCXO’s approach ranges from high-level overviews to detailed evaluations of each component, ensuring a customizable and thorough assessment. This ultimately provides the company with a clear picture of its technology and security risks and a strategic plan for improvement, equipping it with the necessary insights to confidently engage in transactions or pursue growth initiatives.


Is the product complete? Is the roadmap clear, and are the product development processes sound? Does the go-to-market strategy make sense?

Is there a solid IT infrastructure and processes in place? Is the company using standard systems and services that will scale with the business?

Are the company’s security policies and procedures sound?  We perform a CIS IG1 or IG2 security assessment to provide a very clear picture of the security stance of the business.

Architecture & Hosting

Using the Architectural and Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM), we assess the architecture and code quality across multiple industry-standard factors and also assess the production hosting environment.  

Is there a well-defined Product development process in use that consistently produces well-designed, high-quality software that meets the business needs? Is the team, and leader in particular, effective and ready for scale?

What to Expect


Critical Risks Identified Pre-close

On the sell-side, identify and get a plan in place for all the key product & technology risks in the business. On the buy-side, de-risk the deal by surfacing deal-impacting product & technology risks before the close.

Technology Roadmap Foundation Created

The findings and recommendations from the product & technology assessments performed become the foundation of a solid technology roadmap.

Smoother Post-close Integration & Execution

The assessment results coupled with fractional technology leadership allow for a seamless transition from assessment to remediation.

Why choose TechCXO as your Tech Diligence Partner?

TechCXO is an established firm with over 20 years of deep expertise working with early and mid-stage companies. Having completed over 200 technical diligence projects since launching this service in 2018 and working in a fractional CTO/CPO/CIO/CISO capacity with hundreds of additional companies, we have the expertise and understanding of how a successful deal works. This allows us to deliver an excellent report promptly and at a reasonable cost – and then be there ready to help in a fractional leadership capacity whenever needed. Our flexible report is geared towards all audiences, including a high-level investor dashboard and “Key Findings” section all the way down to the very granular technical recommendations that can be implemented by the target company right away.

Finally, we have a robust tech diligence process that we have evolved over the years to ensure a consistent, high-quality, on-time deliverable every time.

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