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Fractional Chief Product Officer (CPO)

The Fractional Chief Product Officer (CPO) oversees product strategy, product management, and successful product delivery.

What does a Fractional Chief Product Officer do?

A Fractional Chief Product Officer, or Fractional CPO, is a part-time executive who helps organizations with effective product leadership, product market fit, and speedy delivery. They are responsible for driving product strategy and management practices, as well as scaling product teams to execute all product-related activities.

Fractional CPOs can assist with strategic roadmaps, achieving speed to market, guiding new product launch plans, and coaching product team members. This can be beneficial for organizations in industries such as manufacturing, where cross-functional teams and efficiency are critical for success. A Fractional CPO can also help with quality control, productivity, supply chain management, cost reduction, process improvement, inventory management, lean manufacturing, and automation.

Fractional CPO Services

A Fractional Chief Product Officer helps growing companies meet their product-market fit objectives. A Fractional CPO is responsible for driving efficiencies and excellence across these critical areas:

What to Expect from TechCXO


Client Testimonials

When the Vantaca Success book is written in the future, there will be many people that will be credited with our success. Greg Smith will have his own chapter as he provided clarity, confidence, and leadership for the engineering team and the company when it was so desperately needed. 

Dave Sweyer, Chairman and Founder, Vantaca

You were crucial for us (and me) in our early months of launch — everything from having internet service to NexusTek. And your transition of all you’ve built has been seamless. I cannot thank you enough. We won’t hesitate to call on you!

Atul Gawande, CEO, Haven

We have successfully used Greg as both a coach and a fractional CTO, and in both cases, the portfolio companies were very happy with the result and felt that he helped us focus appropriately and move the ball forward.

Brennan Mulcahey, Partner, Brook Venture Partners

Our Team

Katie Reilly
Katie ReillyPartner - Product Management; Interim and Fractional CPO
David Taylor
David TaylorPrincipal - Product & Technology
Kishore (Kish) Yerrapragada
Kishore (Kish) YerrapragadaPrincipal - Product & Technology
Rebecca Chastain
Rebecca ChastainPrincipal - Product & Technology
Greg Smith
Greg SmithManaging Partner, Product & Technology

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