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TechCXO is a collection of deeply experienced, proven executives. We share an entrepreneurial intensity and bias toward action with our clients. We’re ready to help you with strategic, actionable plans.

Whatever stage you are in, whatever your needs, we integrate with your team and accelerate the time to value.

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Executive Committee

Kent Elmer
Kent ElmerManaging Partner; Co-Founder
Mike Casey
Mike CaseyCo-Founder
Peter Biro
Peter BiroPartner
Maria Goldsholl
Maria GoldshollManaging Partner - Human Capital
Rick Nichols
Rick NicholsManaging Partner, Revenue Growth
Nicole Siokis
Nicole SiokisCOO
Greg Smith
Greg SmithManaging Partner, Product & Technology
Ted Stone
Ted StoneManaging Partner, New York

Finance & Accounting

Kumar Ampapathini
Kumar AmpapathiniPartner - Finance & Operations; C-Suite/Board Advisor; Interim/Fractional CFO & COO
Peter Biro
Peter BiroPartner
Bob Brogan
Bob BroganPartner
Curtis Cain
Curtis CainPartner - Finance & Operations
Mike Casey
Mike CaseyCo-Founder
Jim Corr
Jim CorrPartner - Finance & Operations
Neil Danzger
Neil DanzgerPartner - Finance and Operations
Ben de la Cretaz
Ben de la CretazPartner
John Delta
John DeltaManaging Partner - Mid-Atlantic
Sam Desigan
Sam DesiganCFO/CIO Partner
Kent Elmer
Kent ElmerManaging Partner; Co-Founder
Myron Feld
Myron FeldPartner
Wade Ficken
Wade FickenPartner
Ron Giaquinto
Ron GiaquintoPartner - Finance & Operations
Gerry Hayden
Gerry HaydenPartner - Finance and Operations
Keith Heffron
Keith HeffronPartner - Finance and Operations
Pat Henn
Pat HennPartner - Finance and Operations, Interim and Fractional CFO
James Jackson
James JacksonPartner - Finance and Operations
Joe Jessup
Joe JessupPartner - Finance and Operations; C-Suite Executive Advisor
Chris Joe
Chris JoePartner
Bill Keneally
Bill KeneallyPartner - Finance, Strategy & Operations
Sherwin Krug
Sherwin KrugPartner
Mark Lewis
Mark LewisPartner - Finance and Operations, Interim and Fractional CFO
Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthyPartner | Fractional CFO & Attorney
Michael McEachern
Michael McEachernPartner - Finance & Operations
Maura McInerney
Maura McInerneyPartner
Joseph Migliozzi
Joseph MigliozziPartner - Finance
Neal Miller
Neal MillerManaging Partner - Finance Practice
Tom Morton
Tom MortonPartner - Finance & Operations
Viraj Parikh
Viraj ParikhManaging Partner - Nashville
Lori Parro
Lori ParroPartner
Barry Pincus
Barry PincusPartner - Finance and Operations; Interim & Fractional CFO, COO; Board Advisor
Sanjay Pothen
Sanjay PothenPartner - Finance & Executive Operations
Brian Rauls
Brian RaulsPartner - Finance & Operations
Karen Reynolds
Karen ReynoldsPartner - Finance and Operations
Paul Sansone
Paul SansonePartner - Finance & Operations
Jason Scherr
Jason ScherrPartner
Morris Stemp
Morris StempPartner - Finance
Ted Stone
Ted StoneManaging Partner, New York
Gary Strickland
Gary StricklandPartner
Chris Thomajan
Chris ThomajanManaging Partner
Robert Toth
Robert TothPartner – Finance and Operations; On-Demand CEO, COO, CFO, Board Advisor


Joshua Goldstein
Joshua GoldsteinPrincipal - Finance & Operations
Dennis Hunt
Dennis HuntPrincipal - Finance & Operations
Kristin Koepenick
Kristin KoepenickPrincipal - Finance & Operations
Peter Pamplin
Peter PamplinPrincipal - Finance & Operations
Roberto Trevino
Roberto TrevinoPrincipal - Finance & Operations

Revenue Growth

Rick Nichols
Rick NicholsManaging Partner, Revenue Growth
David Cahn
David CahnPartner; Interim & Fractional CMO
Lewis Goldman
Lewis GoldmanPartner - Chief Growth Officer, Fractional CMO
Tracy Hawkey
Tracy HawkeyPartner; Interim and Fractional CRO, CSO
Katherine Hunter-Blyden
Katherine Hunter-BlydenPartner, Interim & Fractional CMO, CRO
Rose Lee
Rose LeePartner, Interim & Fractional CMO
Brad Milner
Brad MilnerPartner
Piers Mummery
Piers MummeryManaging Partner - TechCXO UK; Strategy, Sales & Marketing; Board Advisor, Interim CEO
Matt Oess
Matt OessPartner
Carrie Pastolove
Carrie PastolovePartner; Interim & Fractional CMO
Murem Sharpe
Murem SharpePartner - Revenue Growth
Andy Shober
Andy ShoberPartner


David Grocer
David GrocerPrincipal - Marketing; Fractional CMO

Product & Technology

Greg Smith
Greg SmithManaging Partner, Product & Technology
Steve Benfield
Steve BenfieldPartner - Product & Technology; Interim CTO, CPO, COO
Dan Brown
Dan BrownPartner, Fractional CIO / CTO; Interim CIO / CTO
Kevin Carlson
Kevin CarlsonPartner - Product & Technology; Fractional CTO / Fractional CISO
Bryan Dennstedt
Bryan DennstedtInterim CTO / Fractional CIO
Jack Ivers
Jack IversPartner, Product & Technology; Fractional CTO | CPO
Todd Merrill
Todd MerrillPartner – Product & Technology; Interim and Fractional CTO, CiSO
Ashley Usher
Ashley UsherPartner - Product & Technology; CSM, CSPO
Kirby Winters
Kirby WintersFractional CiSO / Interim CTO / Fractional CIO


Missy Callari
Missy CallariPrincipal & Project Manager
Paul King
Paul KingPrincipal
Dan Owens
Dan OwensPrincipal - Product & Technology
Rob Usey
Rob UseyPrincipal - Product & Technology

Executive Operations

Kevin George
Kevin GeorgeManaging Partner - Executive Operations
Eric Anderson
Eric AndersonPartner - Executive Operations; Interim Chief Commercial Officer
Adam Boris
Adam BorisPartner
Adam Bryan
Adam BryanPartner
John Capobianco
John CapobiancoPartner - Executive Operations | CEO, COO
Ken Goins
Ken GoinsPartner - Finance & Operations
Nick Gowens
Nick GowensPartner - Executive Operations; Board Advisor, Interim CXO
Robert Morrison
Robert MorrisonTechCXO Partner - Retail Strategy, Sales & Marketing
Marty Parker
Marty ParkerPartner - Executive Operations
Stephanie Rose-Belcher
Stephanie Rose-BelcherPartner - Executive Operations (Healthcare)
Steve Subar
Steve SubarPartner; Interim CEO, COO & Executive Coach
Greg Swayne
Greg SwaynePartner
Joe Wytanis
Joe WytanisPartner - Interim & Fractional CEO | COO | CPO

Human Capital

Maria Goldsholl
Maria GoldshollManaging Partner - Human Capital
Lindsey Barrows
Lindsey BarrowsPartner – Human Capital; Interim and Fractional CHRO
Ayesha J. Whyte
Ayesha J. WhytePartner - Human Capital