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David Cahn

Principal – Revenue Growth



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David Cahn

Principal – Revenue Growth

David Cahn is a marketing and operational leader who is equally adept at developing and managing corporate strategies, including business and digital transformations, as well as implementing lead generation and revenue growth programs and systems.

He is an accomplished, proactive global executive who has worked in Big4 consulting firms, start-ups, middle market, and large, multinational companies. Companies most frequently call on him to support them as an interim or fractional Chief Marketing Officer and/or Chief Revenue Officer.

His domain expertise is in Commercial Products, including Aerospace & Defense, Building Products, Commercial and Industrial Supplies and Equipment; Healthcare Devices, Supplies and Services; Commercial Transportation; Apparel & Accessories; Consumer Non-Durables, including Retail, Food & Beverage products; Chemicals; Electronics; and IT Software and Emerging Technologies, including AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and IaaS.

Included among David’s other skills are:

  • CRM and Marketing solutions – SaleForce, Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, Terminus, Bombora, Google Analytics, SEO/SEM/PPC
  • Application development – Kanban, Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid – Global
  • Supply Chain Solutions – WMS, Supply Chain Networks, Control Towers, SC Planning and Execution – NA/EMEA
  • Global Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures and Joint Ventures – buy/sell side, due diligence, deal negotiation, integration planning, and execution
  • Emerging Technologies – BI, AI, IaaS, API Management, Machine Learning, Blockchain – Global

During his distinguished career, David served as:

MTEK, Head of US Operations and Global Marketing. At MTEK, David took the helm of US Operations and Global Marketing. He developed segmentation strategies, spearheading both business development and marketing activities for direct and indirect sales targeting discrete manufacturing companies. Crafting a comprehensive global marketing plan, David emphasized demand generation and introduced KPIs to meticulously track both inbound and outbound leads, ensuring their transition through sales opportunities to closure. In addition, he innovatively structured the sales process for efficient global pipeline management and was instrumental in conceptualizing an indirect channel partner program, guiding it from the recruitment stage right through to sales generation.

JMT Consulting, Chief Revenue Officer. Serving as the Chief Revenue Officer at JMT Consulting, a renowned Financial Management consultancy catering to over 2,000 non-profit organizations, David showcased his leadership prowess. He onboarded a completely new sales team and employed an external marketing agency to maintain a robust sales pipeline. David architected sales and marketing processes, ensuring seamless integration across various systems from the initial lead generation phase to the final sales closure. He introduced innovative reporting metrics that kept tabs on sales and marketing conversion rates and deployed a KPI tracking mechanism. David also took charge of the sales force training, emphasizing market segmentation, product nuances, and sales processes. Further, he was responsible for rolling out campaigns for demand generation and diligently managed partnerships and their reporting structures.

BlueRidge Global, Head of Product Marketing. At BlueRidge Global, a pioneer in Supply Chain Planning and Pricing Optimization, David occupied the role of Head Product Marketing. He diligently executed the company’s industry target go-to-market strategy, consistently supporting the acquisition of 17 new logos each quarter while maintaining an impressive 40 percent CAGR. David’s insights into market segmentation led him to identify priority fits across a dozen vertical industries in both NA and EMEA. He championed the introduction of a new discrete manufacturing vertical, closely aligning it with product roadmap deliverables concerning master production planning, final assembly scheduling, and capacity management. Moreover, David took the lead in content creation for industry publications, webinars, and podcasts. He fortified sales through targeted campaigns, met with key prospects, and interfaced with industry analysts to optimally position the company. His dedication led to the creation of sales enablement tools, a boost in sales velocity by 40 percent, and enhanced MQL/SQL conversion rates.

ComplianceQuest, VP of Product Marketing and Business Development. At ComplianceQuest, a frontrunner in providing Enterprise Quality, Environmental, Health, and Safety Compliance solutions to Manufacturers, Distributors, and the Energy & Utility sectors, David served as the VP of Product Marketing and Business Development. He took the initiative to evaluate the company’s existing skills and methodologies, refocusing the organization to target new markets. This strategic redirection propelled a 10X annual revenue growth in EHS offerings. David’s deep market research identified segmentation opportunities based on EHS solutions and competitor landscapes, paving the way for a strategic global Go-to-Market approach. Under his leadership, ComplianceQuest rolled out new product enhancements and integrated with platforms like Enhesa, fortifying their commitment to material safety and sustainability. David’s strategies led to improved positioning, higher win rates, and faster sales velocities.

Chief Marketing Officer, Elemica, a digital supply chain network provider for process manufacturers. David built an account-based marketing strategy for 600 accounts and a scalable technology ecosystem to support the digital and decision-making needs of the Marketing, Sales, and Executive Management teams. He integrated Marketing Automation and Salesforce with GaggleAmp, Sendoso, Terminus, ZoomInfo, Bombora, cvent, and Google Analytics for ROI tied to pipeline status. He also created weekly marketing dashboards for executive and sales force communication tied to lead flow into opportunities into sales closures in units and dollars by campaign and tactic. His efforts achieved 40 percent of total sales quota pipeline attributed by marketing and improved inbound and outbound lead flow into the sales pipeline by 4x and 5x, respectively.

Director of Product and Customer Management, Infor. Infor is an ERP and supply chain enterprise software provider. David guided customer buying experiences that improved brand loyalty, increased sales, and reduced costs for customers for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. He helped double annual sales growth by initiating programs for sales and enhancing products and tripled cross-sell revenue by aligning product roadmap for integration to enterprise Salesforce CRM, Oracle ERP, CAD, Supply Chain, Analytics, and eCommerce solutions.

VP Software Product and Client Management, Promethean. For this K-12 classroom management and analytics solutions company, David transitioned the organization from a global hardware-based, single- and two-tier channels to an enterprise software platform program, resulting in $30 million in two-year growth. He also helped deliver a solution to monitor student progress to over 11 million teachers and students across 2 million classrooms.

VP Product and Corporate Strategy, CDC Software (Now Aptean). For this ERP and Supply Chain provider, David transformed corporate product go-to-market execution activities and drove a global R&D unification strategy across 14 ERP, Logistics, CRM product lines by transitioning extensive on-premise revenues to SaaS-based subscription services in hybrid cloud environments. He directed product revenue streams through unprecedented periods of growth for the Manufacturing, Logistics, and Financial Services Sector to $400M.

David has assisted other companies in product, marketing, sales, business development, and operational leadership positions, including AMR Research (now Gartner), AnswerThink, KPMB/Bearing Point, and Computer Associates.

David holds a B.S. Business Admin/Finance & minor Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University. His interests include cooking, ocean yacht racing and cruising, extreme downhill skiing, mini-triathlons, and tossing boomerangs.

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