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Organizational Development

Organizational Development is an interdisciplinary approach to building and improving the performance and effectiveness of an organization.

Our approach primarily focuses on people and how they are organized, their roles and skills, how they communicate and interact, and the motivations that help them achieve personally and professionally while reflecting the values of their organization.

Motivation, Behavior, Structures and Processes

Organizational Development is grounded in psychology and behavioral sciences which contend that employee behaviors and motivations are influenced by organizational structures and processes.

It involves disciplines that include human capital management, organizational design, leadership, employee training and development, change management, performance management, organizational culture and employee relations.

For earlier-stage growth companies, we focus on strategic considerations, such as: Who are the critical team members and functions we need to succeed? What skills are needed now and in the future as the organization grows? How does leadership establish and reinforce the strategies, values, and vision for the organization that will build an organizational culture that is sustainable as we grow?

For more mature companies, we are more centered on change management. Over time, people’s roles and behaviors may be misaligned to what the organization wants to achieve on several fronts, including purpose, structure, resources, knowledge sharing and leadership. This can lead to dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors that cause inefficiency, mistrust and ineffectiveness.

What to Expect from TechCXO

Creating an Organizational Development Strategy

After assessing the leadership team and the organization including how it solves problems, its communication styles, its skills/roles fit, and leadership/team dynamics, we work with you to prepare for the future, fix dysfunctions, fill gaps, and help direct change. This may include the following:

  • New Organizational Structure – We develop with you a new organizational structure based on current key contributors, critical functions, and current staff, including challenges of the current structure be it by discipline, geography, or product/solution.
  • Roadmap – We define what new recruiting, development, and succession plans are needed to create the new organizational structure, including selection and hiring processes, assessments, and coaching.
  • Leadership Development – Identify group leaders and articulate how they are to add value as a group leader to their teams, as well as their roles and responsibilities. New skills development about relationship building, listening, feedback, and motivation may be included. Other skills may include building rapport, coaching skills, how to deal differently with different people, and helping underperformers.
  • Team Dynamics – Together we define group goals that are clear, specific, shared, measurable, and accountable. Interaction among group members would be defined, too, including what people owe each other in terms of honoring time, agreements and accountability, listening, and feedback. Trust building, effective meetings, and resolving interpersonal conflict are part of how teams and people deal with one another.
  • Future Development – Strategies and tactics will be created for how junior staff and team members developed, how new people are integrated into teams, including onboarding, what the appropriate group size is and how group results are measured.


Happy employees are 12% more productive and highly engaged workplaces have a 10% increase in customer ratings
Highly engaged business units where employees feel they are stakeholders of their own future increase profitability an average of 21% according to Gallup
Companies with more engaged workers grew revenue 2.5 times as much as companies with less involved workers over a period of seven years.

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