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Fractional CIO

TechCXO’s Fractional Chief Information Officers provide the benefits of experienced IT leadership for strategic tech decisions on a virtual, part-time, and on-demand basis.

What does a Fractional Chief Information Officer do?

You may not need a full-time CIO, but every organization can benefit from the seasoned knowledge and skill that a CIO can bring to their company’s technology systems. TechCXO is able to bring to companies of all sizes precisely the right amount of a CIO’s time that they need – a small company may just need a few hours a month to help the leadership team manage the corporate technology strategy, or a larger company may need more time to execute on specific IT initiatives and/or manage an internal or external IT team. Think of this as the Goldilocks approach to Senior IT Management – the ability to find just the right amount for you.

CIOs help define and articulate an IT strategy that aligns with and supports the business strategy of a company. Additionally, they typically have tactical responsibility for a company’s IT Infrastructure and operations, and manage a company’s IT team (whether an internal team, a 3rd party team (like an MSP), or both. The CIO’s customers are typically internal customers – delivering IT systems and services that the staff of the company need in order to do their job – servers, network infrastructure, the laptops and desktops that employees use, the helpdesk that supports them, and the communications systems they use to interact with other people. They also are typically responsible for ensuring the security of those systems and the information that they hold.

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Fractional CIO Services

A Fractional Chief Information Officer helps companies ensure that their technology systems, applications, and infrastructure support the needs of the company today, as well as are in line to meet the future needs of the company based on its business strategy.

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Our Team  

Ian Findlay
Ian FindlayPartner - Product & Technology; Interim & Fractional CIO
Sam Schneider
Sam SchneiderPartner - Product & Technology; Interim & Fractional CIO
Brian Lora
Brian LoraPartner - Product & Technology; Interim & Fractional CTO, CIO
Bill Hall
Bill HallPartner - Product & Technology; Interim & Fractional CIO, CTO
Ashley Usher
Ashley UsherPartner - Product & Technology; Interim & Fractional CSM, CSPO

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