Supply Chain Optimization

The efficient and effective delivery of products and services to customers

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Designing and optimizing a supply chain is extremely complex – depending on the size, some parts are better optimized with partners or outsourcing

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain optimization and management is the efficient and effective delivery of your products and services to your customer, including all of the related information within delivery processes.

Typically, supply chain and other material costs make up the highest cost item in a firm, providing substantial cost savings when improved.

Companies must align their supply chains with their strategy – a cost leader demands a low cost supply chain while an innovator or customer centric company requires a flexible, responsive supply chain.

Supply Chain Design

Designing and optimizing a supply chain is extremely complex – depending on the size, some parts are better optimized with partners or outsourcing.

Many aspects of the business have to be integrated beyond just the supply chain starting with strategy, marketing, sales, sourcing, forecasting, tax treatments, customer expectations, etc.

In order to best optimize it traditional techniques like lean and just-in-time can help, but often the systems are so complex that they can be modeled via simulations where multiple bottlenecks can be resolved at one time and optimized.

Ultimately, Supply chains have to balance the cost to deliver your product with the high demands of customers. The “Amazon Effect” has complicated this immensely – customers expect product when they need it – and expect your ability to provide it to continuously improve. Costs like inventory, logistics, staffing, supply chain management systems, etc. have to be balanced with the costs of lost sales (which are difficult to measure).

Most companies over time end up with excess capacity that leaves them with a much higher cost to deliver than their competitors.

TechCXO can custom tailor Supply chain solutions that integrate with your strategy, information systems, costing, financial modeling, staffing, marketing, and sales efforts. Our expertise in all of these areas provides competitive advantage, helping all aspects of your business work together for business optimization, resulting in better supply chain design and optimization. Ultimately, this will increase profit and sales velocity through continuous learning and improving all key areas of your business

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