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Building Culture

Does the emergence of a company’s culture happen organically or by design? Can you build a company’s culture from the ground up? Can you change an established culture in a larger organization?

TechCXO’s Human Capital professionals believe you can establish a baseline for building culture with how you focus on hiring, how you coach and mentor, and how you engage employees.

Company Culture

Many organizations strive to “build a culture.” They want positive values embraced in their organization that include cooperation, honesty, teamwork, respect, tolerance, innovation, merit-based rewards, openness, and other virtues.

People often confuse culture with desirable perks like free lunches, unlimited vacation, and allowing dogs in the office as “culture builders.” In truth, these are applications of defined culture. Perks will eventually lose importance if values, vision, mission and purpose are not established.

TechCXO works with leadership to create foundational standards. Instead of heavy-handed policies, standards can build culture. An example might be related to expenses. Instead of policy, employees embrace standards to “act in the company’s best interest.” Through hiring practices, compensation, and celebrating acts that reinforce standards, you can quickly and forcefully create cultural landmarks, even if they break with classic HR practices.

What to Expect from TechCXO


Happy employees are 12% more productive and highly engaged workplaces have a 10% increase in customer ratings
Highly engaged business units where employees feel they are stakeholders of their own future increase profitability an average of 21% according to Gallup
Companies with more engaged workers grew revenue 2.5 times as much as companies with less involved workers over a period of seven years.

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