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Understanding customers’ needs and every way you interact with them

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Service design and optimization have unique challenges not faced in physical goods processes

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Services Design

The key to understanding how best to design and optimize your service offerings comes from both understanding your customer’s needs and clearly outlining every way you interact with them. Most companies think about this from the sales and marketing side, but forget about customer and supplier interactions with accounts payables and receivables, software interfaces, complaint resolution, employee satisfaction, technical needs, and unmet needs that the customer does not yet realize.

Service industries now make up over 80 percent of the US economy – even companies that have physical goods must provide services to their customers

Service design and optimization also has unique challenges not faced in physical goods processes. Customers are idiosyncratic and value different types of services or customer interactions.

Service Deliverables & Process

The actual service deliverable and process has to be clearly defined in order to measure customer satisfaction and work to continually improve it so that your competitors do not take your customers. For example, a software company cannot think about its customers only in terms of their software, but more in terms of the problem that the customer needed solving and doing it seamlessly within the customer’s own processes. Ultimately, the customer must be involved in the design and optimization, making it more difficult than physical product design.

Services Optimization

Once clearly defined and designed, key metrics can be implemented to measure all parts of the service experience including wait times, accuracy, customer satisfaction, service capacity and throughput, etc.

One excellent overall metric for customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction (which correlates directly) is the Net Promoter Score. This specific metric can be benchmarked within your industry and continuously improved over time. Customer retention is also an excellent metric depending on the specific industry.

TechCXO can custom tailor Service design and optimization solutions that integrate with your strategy, information systems, costing, financial modeling, staffing, marketing, and sales efforts. Our expertise in all of these areas provides competitive advantage, helping all aspects of your business work together for business optimization, resulting in better service design and optimization. Ultimately, this will increase profit and sales velocity through continuous learning and improving all key areas of your business.

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