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HIPAA, SOC2, PCI Audit Prep

Ensuring HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI Compliance with Expert Audits

What are HiTrust, SOC2, PCI Audit services?

HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI Audit services are comprehensive assessments conducted to ensure organizations’ compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices in healthcare, data security, and payment card processing.

TechCXO Cybersecurity Due Diligence Service Packages

TechCXO delivers Cybersecurity Due Diligence service for clients and investors. Our Tech Diligence Service Packages are meticulously crafted to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the compliance needs of organizations subject to HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI regulations. With a focus on expertise, customization, and actionable insights, we ensure our clients achieve and maintain regulatory compliance while enhancing their overall security posture.

TechCXO and HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI Audit seasoned professionals bring extensive expertise in compliance, ensuring thorough assessments and accurate evaluations of our clients’ security controls and processes.

Compliance & Governance

Our team of seasoned professionals brings extensive expertise in HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI compliance, ensuring thorough assessments and accurate evaluations of our client’s security controls and processes.

We understand that every organization is unique, with distinct compliance requirements and security challenges. That’s why we offer customized Cybersecurity Due Diligence Service Packages designed to address each client’s specific needs and priorities.

Our Cybersecurity Due Diligence Service Packages go beyond mere assessments to provide actionable insights and recommendations for improving security posture and achieving compliance. We deliver detailed reports outlining areas of non-compliance, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for enhancement, empowering our clients to take proactive measures to mitigate risks and strengthen their security defenses.

Architecture & Hosting

With the proper use of Architectural and Analysis reviews by our expert team, organizations can drive business success through implementing compliant services. By achieving and maintaining HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI compliance, organizations can minimize the risk of penalties, protect sensitive data, and build trust with customers and stakeholders, ultimately enhancing their reputation and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We prioritize the timely delivery of assessment reports and recommendations, ensuring our clients have the information they need to address compliance issues promptly and efficiently. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and guidance to help organizations implement remediation measures, maintain compliance, and adapt to evolving regulatory requirements.

What to Expect from TechCXO Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Reduced Risk of Data Breaches

By proactively identifying and addressing compliance gaps through our HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI Audit services, you can mitigate the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. When implementing recommended security controls and best practices, you can minimize the likelihood of security incidents that could damage your organization’s reputation and financial stability.

Improved Business Operations

Engaging in HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI Audit services can also lead to operational improvements within your organization. By identifying inefficiencies or gaps in your processes and controls, you can implement measures to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and reduce the risk of disruptions or downtime caused by security incidents or compliance issues.

Long-Term Sustainability

Investing in HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI Audit services is an investment in the long-term sustainability of your organization. By continuously monitoring and maintaining compliance with regulatory standards, you can adapt to evolving threats and regulatory requirements, ensuring the ongoing protection of your data assets and the stability of your business operations.

Our Team

Greg Smith
Greg SmithManaging Partner, Product & Technology
Kevin Carlson
Kevin CarlsonPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CISO
Kirby Winters
Kirby WintersInfoSec Practice Lead - Fractional CiSO, CIO / Interim CTO
Ram Sarabu
Ram SarabuPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CISO
Todd Merrill
Todd MerrillPartner - Interim & Fractional CTO, CISO


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