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Greg Smith is Managing Partner – Product & Technology, Executive Committee Member; Fractional CTO

As the Managing Partner of TechCXO’s Product & Technology Practice, Greg Smith leads this group to think and act like executives first who are focused on strategic business objectives and accountable to key performance indicators.  For Greg, technology is to be rationally and strategically applied to build long-term business value and support business needs.   Overall IT direction, operational processes, and technology choices must be appropriate for each individual client and their budget.   

With Greg Smith, you are engaging a technology executive who thinks like a CEO.  Greg brings disciplined execution along with the ability to get a company laser focused on the tasks that will have the biggest impact.   

Career and client engagement highlights include: 

CTO / COO eVerifile – as CTO, led the effort to redevelop multiple legacy platforms into a single, modern application including integrations to multiple data providers and Class 1 railroads.  After leaving, Greg was brought back in by principal investor as COO to refocus the company on its core competency and to help bridge key leadership changes.

CEO / Co-founder Message Gears – recognized a great startup opportunity trapped within a larger public company.  Negotiated deal to take four employees, several marquis customers, and secured $1m in non-equity funding to launch the new venture.  Message Gears is an ATDC graduate company still going today. 

Founder / Principal Consultant at DevHealth Consulting – worked with over 30 companies gaining exposure to a diverse array of technologies, business models, and typical early-mid stage technical and operational challenges.  This background was critical in Greg’s development to being able to come in to a company, quickly identify the challenges and opportunities, and then decisively execute a plan of action to capitalize on the business opportunity.

Co-founder / CTO Magnet Communications – gained invaluable experience taking a company from 4 people with $0 revenue to 130 people with $26M in revenue.  Magnet was an ATDC graduate company that had a successful exit being acquired by Digital Insight and then Intuit. 

Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from Auburn University – this very technical and hands-on background has given Greg a rock-solid technology foundation essential to helping product development companies.

Testimonials from Greg’s Clients

“We had several false starts with getting the 2.0 version of our application developed.  We brought Greg in and he quickly organized the business around a clear definition of what that release needed to be and then drove the development team to deliver that when promised!  Greg helped us to get the right team structure and processes defined and brought a senior leadership style to IT that was refreshing to work with.  I would definitely recommend Greg to any company struggling with IT!” – Jay Wommack, Founder and CEO, Vertical Alliance Group

“We brought Greg in very early in the evolution of our company (pre-launch) to validate our technology and development processes.  What we found is that Greg’s experience, both as a founder and advisor to early stage companies, was very helpful to us as we worked to navigate the challenges associated with building and scaling a tech company (and not just the technology challenges).  So much so that we brought him on as a board advisor to formalize that relationship.  I would definitely recommend Greg to any tech company looking for help to successfully scale their business!” – Dave Sweyer – CEO & Founder Vantaca

“We have worked with Greg on several projects, and are excited to continue to find opportunities to plug Greg in to our portfolio.  On the diligence side, Greg does a great job of boiling down the critical things we need to understand from a technology perspective, and does so in a way that is both understandable and actionable.  We have also successfully used him as both a coach and a fractional CTO, and in both cases the portfolio companies were very happy with the result and felt that he helped us focus appropriately and move the ball forward.” – Brennan Mulcahey – Partner, Brook Venture Partners

“Our company was growing very quickly and we needed some operational help to ensure we maintained focus on the things that mattered most for our business.  Greg came in and put an effective “Execution Framework” in place that helped define goals, align the business, and facilitate accountability.  I would definitely recommend Greg to other growing companies that are looking to implement operational discipline!” – Dave Wasserman – Founder & CEO SovLabs

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