Fractional and Interim CTOs, CIOs and CiSOs

Access the best IT, Product and Technology executive talent and teams on-demand

Our Purpose

The Product & Technology Practice provides ON-DEMAND access to the best technology talent available. Companies that need CTOs, CIOs and CiSOs can have trouble finding the right executive. This may be due to cost or because they don’t need them full time.  But all companies need the strategy, experience, and vision that an experienced CTO provides. TechCXO’s model gives you an easy, affordable way to bring these skills to your company.

Download Interim CTO Services Overview (PDF)

TechCXO Product & Technology Services

Tech Assessments

Need tech due diligence before making an investment? Have concerns about the viability of your product or the effectiveness of your development team? A TechCXO CTO can quickly evaluate your product and team to identify risks and shortcomings as well as what needs to be done to rectify any issues or concerns identified. See Clients We’ve Helped

Product Rescue / Execution

Whether you need help implementing the recommendations from an Assessment or getting a product and product team launched, a TechCXO CTO can help.  Our model includes anything from advising a few hours per week to putting together the full team and leading that team to deliver your product.  Download Interim / Part-time CTO Overview

Fractional / Interim CTO

If you are not ready to hire a full-time CTO, you are in the process of transitioning to a new CTO, or you have a less experienced CTO who needs some coaching, a TechCXO CTO can provide the expert technical leadership your organization needs during that time. We can engage anywhere from advising a few hours per month all the way up to full time. Infographic: In-House vs. On-Demand CIO/CTO

CISO As a Service

Most organizations find it difficult to justify the investment in a full-time Chief Information Security Officer but their business requires a high level of security to maintain operations. TechCXO provides a fractional, CISO-As-A-Service model that is affordable and integrated into your operations.  Download CiSO-as-a-Service Overview.

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How Does TechCXO Work?

TechCXO will identify the best individuals from our network that match all components of what you are looking for. Based on your meetings with the individuals and all additional information TechCXO have provided you, select the CTO/CIO that is right for you.

Many Types of CTOs

Many companies don’t need a full-time CTO but they certainly need the expertise of one. A part-time CTO can work with a company for a couple of days a month to five days a week.

Fractional/Part-time CTO: Only use the hours you need for the duration you need, fill the gaps, or ensure a key project is online.
Interim CTO: The Interim CTO is stepping in to temporarily replace a departing full-time CTO.
Experienced Mentor: We often work with companies who have a Director of IT but need some expertise to set up needed decision-making tools or other aspects of technology.


The TechCXO Product & Technology Team

Kirby Winters

Fractional CiSO / Interim CTO / Fractional CIO

Bryan Dennstedt

Interim CTO / Fractional CIO

Greg Smith

Managing Partner, Executive Committee Member; Fractional CTO

Jake Massey

Interim or fractional CIO / CISO / CTO / COO; Compliance Services and Audits

Olin Wise


Dan Brown

Partner - Product & Technology and Executive Coach

Kevin Carlson

Partner - Product & Technology; Fractional CTO / Fractional CISO

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