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New Product Launch Services

From concept to customer, our experienced CPOs bring insights, best practices, and years of experience to increase your chances of success in launching new products to market.

What is a Product Launch?

When companies introduce new products and/or services into the market, this is often referred to as a “product launch.” Every TechCXO partner has prior C-level experience building successful companies. We believe this demonstrated success – inside companies, not just consulting with them – is a differentiator between us and other firms. As experienced business executives, our CPO leaders bring valuable expertise and guidance to the table when it comes to launching your new product.

What to Expect

Whether you are rolling out your first product, also known as “0-to-1 product launch”, or expanding your portfolio into adjacent markets and service offerings, our fractional CPOs can provide strategic guidance, product development oversight, and leadership coaching to effectively help you with key decision making, risk management, and execution of new product launches. Here’s what you can expect from our experienced product leaders:


Compete in the Market

We help businesses stand out in crowded marketplaces. Defining clear, unique value propositions and aligning features with customer needs, we help differentiate your offering to capture the attention of your target audience.

Speed to Market

With a more focused and defined development direction, you prevent distractions and delays, increasing the chances of a successful launch. Our go-to-market strategies are designed to maximize impact and drive engagement from the very beginning.

Sustained Business Growth

The ultimate impact of our product strategy services is the sustained growth of your business. We help launch successful products and ensure these products continue to evolve and contribute to your company’s long-term success.

Our Team

Katie Reilly
Katie ReillyPartner - Product Management; Interim and Fractional CPO
David Taylor
David TaylorPrincipal - Product & Technology
Rebecca Chastain
Rebecca ChastainPrincipal - Product & Technology
Greg Smith
Greg SmithManaging Partner, Product & Technology
Bryan Dennstedt
Bryan DennstedtPartner - Interim CTO / Fractional CIO

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