Rock Solid Financial and Operational Platform

Establish best practices, systems and controls to support growth

Not every company needs a full-time CFO/COO, but every business needs financial and operational expertise

Three Ways to Access the Best in On Demand Finance & Operational Support

1. Interim, Fractional and Part-Time CFOs and COOs

You’ve built a promising company. Now you have investors and a Board.  You need focus on cash management, tight budgeting processes, and the right metrics/KPIs operating against a professional business plan, detailed forecasts,  and accurate reporting.  Our CFOs manage critical issues, avoid pitfalls and deliver financial and operational expertise that will put extraordinary metrics-led capabilities in your hands so you achieve your goals and fulfill your vision for your business.

A Guide to Financial Sanity — CFO to the Rescue
Starter Kit for Startups
The Five (5) Most Common Financial Mistakes Startups Make
The Outsourced CFO

2. Strategy, Consulting, Projects and Transaction Support

Our Financial and Operational executives can support you as consultants or as project-based resources for services such as Financial Modeling/Strategic Business PlanDebt & Equity Raises, M&A Due Diligence on the buy and sell side; Planning, Analysis & Forecasting; Business Operations, Cash and Risk Management; Implementation of Accounting Systems, Internal Controls, Options /Compensation Plans and assistance with Audits and Audit Committees.  In addition, we support every stage of Transactions from Pre-Stage Readiness to Execution to Post-Phase Integration.

Transaction Readiness (PDF)
Managing Cash and Optimizing Profits
Raising Capital

3. Technical Accounting Advisory Practice

TechCXO’s Technical Accounting Advisory Practice (TAAP) consists of former Big 4 national office partners, FASB and AICPA liaisons including Fortune 500 technical accounting industry experts.

We provide assistance in applying complex reporting standards to help you understand and adapt to today’s ever changing regulatory environment. Often companies may lack the necessary expertise to adapt to new rules and regulations. We provide value by providing you with on demand dedicated expertise necessary to tackle and implement necessary changes.

Our team can help you tackle major financial reporting issues.

Technical Accounting Advisory Practice 1 Page Overview (PDF)

Are you in any of these situations? Contact TechCXO

– Finance and operating data to support the day-to-day business decisions is not available
– Management operating processes are barely working or showing signs of strain
– Monthly reporting is delivered later and later each month
– Numbers cannot be trusted because of excessive corrections and errors
– Numbers are not used because they are not relevant to the business decisions of managers
– Accounting team is struggling to provide the metrics/KPI’s required by managers
– Budgeting and forecasting is late or not occurring at all
– Company was historically profitable but profits are now declining and cash is getting tight
– Company needs to raise capital and recognizes the next round will be from more savvy investors
– A more disciplined approach to strategic planning with an underlying financial model is needed.

How Does TechCXO Work?

The On Demand Model means fast-on, when-you-need-us-support with just the right amount of resources. No recruiting… No onboarding… Just results.

Together, we can decide if a single exec, integrated team or coaching/mentoring relationship works best for you. There is no obligation to have a conversation.


The TechCXO Finance & Operations Team

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